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    Renewal Policies Have Changed

    Under the new policies, you only need 90 Professional Development Points (PDPs) for renewal, if you send your application before your expiration date. If you work more than 1,500 hours per year you earn 30 PDPs. During the three years of your certification, you can earn 90 PDPs, the number needed for renewal, just from working.

    If you wait until after your certificate expires, you have a 4-month grace period to get your reneal application in, however, the PDPs increase to 120. Below are some ways to earn the additional PDPs.

    • Instrumentation-related training programs provided by your employer, such as workshops, seminars, or technical presentations, earn one PDP per hour. Document them in your Personal Log with a description of the topic(s) and number of hours. Have your supervisor sign to verify your attendance.
    • Training offered by an outside vendor, seminars, safety training, and workshops earn one PDP per hour.
    • Present at a Career Day or other similar program.
    • One CEU from a training course (online or hands-on) equals 10 PDPs.
    • Be an ISA Member or other professional society member. Each membership earns two points if maintained annually during your certification. To verify membership, you will need a membership card with an expiration date or dates of membership.
    • Attend ISA Section meetings to earn one PDP each.

    Send Documentation of Work Experience PDPs with Your Renewal Application

    All renewing candidates must provide signed documentation of their work experience during the three year certified period. Only those renewal applications selected randomly for audit must submit signed verification of the PDPs claimed on their renewal applications for training and other professional activities.

    Remember: Sending in Your Renewal Application Before Your Certification Expires Does Not Change the Expiration Date on Your Certification

    Regardless of how early we receive your application, your renewed certificate will have an expiration date three years from the date of current expiration. Your application will be reviewed within 60 days of your current expiration date, and your new certificate will be mailed within approximately 30 days of the expiration.