• CST Associate Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the application fee?
    The application fee is $85 for ISA Members and $95 for non-members.

    What forms of payment does ISA accept for the application fee and/or private testing fees?
    ISA will accept a check, certified check, money order, or credit card. Make checks payable to ISA. Purchase orders are not accepted. Payment must be received with the application before it will be processed.

    Is the application fee refundable?
    CST Associate fees are NOT refundable. It is the responsibility of the applicant to thoroughly review the requirements for an examination and apply for the examination at the level at which he/she is qualified. No refunds will be made for applicants who do not show up for testing on the appropriate test date.

    Does the application have to be typed?
    The application may be typed or handwritten legibly.

    What documentation is necessary to meet the testing requirements?
    As an applicant, you must provide signed documentation that verifies all work experience and official transcripts that document your educational experience.

    What will I receive after I submit my CST Associate application?
    If your application is deficient you will receive a letter stating what documentation is still needed to meet the requirements and a date by which it must be received in order to take the exam on the requested date. If your application is approved, you will receive a Confirmation Letter with the date, time, and site address of your exam.

    Once I take the examination, how long will it be before I am notified of my status?

    Your results will be mailed within thirty (30) days of your exam date.

    What is the passing score for the CST Associate exams?
    The passing score is not released.

    When do I need to arrive at the test site?
    You should arrive 30 minutes before the exam start time indicated on your confirmation letter as determined by the site contact. All examinations are given in a two hour period.

    What should I bring with me to the exam site?
    The following is a listing of items you need to bring to the exam site:

    • Your Confirmation Notice from ISA and photo identification such as a driver’s license or employer-issued badge
    • At least two #2 pencils (The Proctor will NOT have a supply of pencils.)
    • A soft eraser suitable for cleanly erasing incorrect markings
    • A self-powered or battery operated, or non-programmable calculator

    Are there any materials I cannot bring to the exam?
    The following is a list of items not permitted in the exam room:

    • Reference material of any kind. The CST exam is closed book.
    • Electronic or communication devices of any kind including cellular phone, palmtop, or laptop.
    • Food or drink

    Where can I take the CST Associate exam?
    The CST Associate exam is currently only offered in the US.

    How do I get a copy of my certificate in case I lose it or if my supervisor wants one?
    To receive a duplicate copy of your certificate, send a written request to ISA with your mailing address and payment of $15.00 for a duplicate certificate. Once your payment is received, a certificate will be mailed to you.

    How is the CST Associate Recognition different from the Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) program?
    CST Associate Recognition is not a certification. Those who take the CST Associate examination may be interested in pursuing the ISA credential, Certified Control Systems Technician® (CCST®) once the education and/or experience level reaches five years. Achieving CST Associate Recognition equals a maximum of one year towards the CCST®  requirements. For more information on the CCST®  program, click here.