• Original PDP Requirements

    Certified Automation Professional® (CAP®) Original Renewal Requirements

    ISA Certified Automation Professional® (CAP®) certification is a mark of career excellence that affirms your commitment to quality and demonstrates your expertise and knowledge of state of the practice. Most important, it is acceptance and recognition from your peers.

    The CAP program requires that you recertify every three years to maintain your certification. The purpose of recertifying is to ensure that as a CAP-certified professional you maintain the same level of knowledge originally demonstrated when you passed the written examination. If you do not recertify within four (4) months after your expiration date, your certification is considered lapsed and you must reapply and retest.

    There are two methods for renewal

    • Renewal by Exam
    • Renewal by Professional Development Points

    Renewal by Exam

    If you choose to renew by exam, you must complete the Renewal Application and submit payment ($285 ISA Members; $360 Affiliate Members/Community Members/ List). Once your application is processed, you will receive instructions for scheduling your exam with Prometrics.

    Renewal by Professional Development Points

    To renew by Professional Development Points (PDPs), you must 1) complete the Renewal Application and submit payment ($195 ISA Members; $305 Affiliate Members/Community Members/ List), and 2) submit your CAP PDP Activity Record.

    Note: Starting 1 March 2012, ISA will implement the new ISA CAP Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program.If your CAP certification expiration date is between 1 March 2012 - 28 February 2013, you can continue using the Original PDP requirements for renewal or opt to use the new ISA CAP CDP Program requirements for renewal. If your application expiration date is after 28 February 2013, you must follow the new ISA CAP CPD program renewal requirements. For more information on the CAP CPD program requirements, click here.

    What is the difference?
    The Original CAP PDP Renewal Requirements require fewer PDPs (135 vs. 150) during your three-year certification period; however, more work experience is required and the list of acceptable PDP activities is limited.

    Why consider choosing the CAP CPD program requirements?
    The new CPD program requires more points, but the acceptable activities are more encompassing and flexible, making it very easy to earn the requisite 150 PDPs.

    Whichever option you choose, will require a renewal application, renewal fee, and PDP activity record.

     Download the Renewal Application.

    Original PDP Renewal Requirements

    • Obtain a total of at least 135 PDPs during your three-year certification period
    • Meet the work experience minimum of 60 PDPs earned in at least a two-year period within your three-year certification period
    • Meet the continuing education/professional development activities minimum of 45 PDPs
    • Maintain documentation of all PDP activities
    • Report your PDP activities every three years (during certification renewal) on your CAP PDP Activity Record
    • Submit your documentation for your CAP PDP Activity Record upon request (if selected for audit)

    Work Experience

    Each year of employment can equate to 30 earned PDPs. In order to earn the 30 PDPs, you must have worked a minimum of 1,500 work hours in that year. You are required to earn a cumulative total of 3,000 hours of documented work experience to meet the minimum work experience requirement of 60 PDPs during the three-year certification term.

    Continuing Education/Professional Development Activity

    One hour of continuing education or professional development activity in an automation or job-related field is defined as a minimum of 50 minutes. One (1) hour equals one (1) PDP. You must earn a minimum of 45 PDPs through these activities within your three-year certification period.

    Note: Continuing education units (CEUs) from an authorized provider are acceptable. One CEU equals 10 PDPs. ISA is an authorized provider of CEUs for our technical training courses.

    Examples of professional development activities that earn PDPs:

    • Training
      • In-house training
      • On-the-job training
      • Vendor workshops or presentations
      • Apprenticeship training programs
      • Employer training sessions or seminars
      • Training courses with Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
        • 1 CEU equals 10 PDPs
      • College courses
        • 1 semester hour equals 15 PDPs
        • 1 quarter hour equals 10 PDPs
    • Professional Activities
      • Membership in a professional society
        • 2 PDPs for each professional society membership
        • Attending society meetings
        • Serving as an officer
      • Presenting at a Career Day
      • Teaching a training course
      • Authoring or delivering a technical paper or book
        • Earn from 5-20 PDPs if you are the sole author or co-author 

    A more complete list of acceptable activities can be found on the CAP PDP Activity Record. Click to download the CAP PDP Activity Record Template (coming soon)

    Applicants without required documentation will be notified to submit the necessary verification. If the applicant does not respond within three (3) months, then the application is considered abandoned. Applicant will have to submit a new application and the renewal fee again. Applicants who do not renew their certification within four (4) months of their certificate expiration date must reapply for CAP certification and take the exam.

    RECORD RETENTION POLICY: All documentation received from CAP applicants who are not eligible for certification will be retained for one year after the application is received.

    CAP Renewal Application with fields (PDF)
    This form includes fields recognized by Adobe Reader 6.0 and higher so you can type in your information and print it out. Or you can print it out and handwrite your information as before.