Get the comprehensive operational (OT) cybersecurity training you need

Only a staff well trained in operation focused cybersecuritycan protect the vital industrial automation software, systems, and devices thatcontrol an industrial facility.

ISA will present its suite of industrial cybersecuritycourses during the IACS Cybersecurity Training Series Event. These four highlyintegrated ISA courses comprise the most comprehensive set of skills-basedoperational technology (OT) cybersecurity training in the marketplace—coveringhow to best leverage the ISA/IEC 62443 series of industrial automation andcontrol system (IACS) standards through a full-circle exploration of the IACS cybersecurity lifecycle including: assessment, design, implementation,operations, and maintenance.

Choose from four different cybersecurity certificate program levels and earn a digital certificate and badgeto display on your profile.Earn allfour and you will automatically receive the ISA/IEC 62344 Cybersecurity Expert digital badge:


  • Choose one or take all four industrial cybersecurity training courses and aligned certificate exams—all the courses are offered at one location and the certificate exam price is included with the course registration.
  • Instruction covers the complete lifecycle ofindustrial automation and control system (IACS) cybersecurity: assessment,design, implementation, operations, and maintenance
  • Based on ISA/IEC 62443, the world’s onlyconsensus-based series of IACS standards
  • Rigorous, hands-on instruction—from industryexperts using industry-supported IACS equipment—developed by ISA, the globalleader in industrial cybersecurity standards and training

Unlike information technology (IT) cybersecurity, whichprimarily focuses on issues of privacy, OT cybersecurity focuses on protecting the vital industrial automation and control software, systems, and devices thatare at the core of today’s industrial facilities and critical infrastructure.Hands-on, equipment-based OT instruction—taught by ISA’s globally recognizedsubject matter experts—delivers the essential training needed to counter thereal-world risks and dangers associated with industrial cyberattack.

Who will benefit most by attending this special training event?

  • Control system engineers and managers
  • System integrators
  • IT engineers and managers of industrial facilities
  • Plant managers
  • Plant safety and risk management personnel