Length: 4 days
CEU Credits: 2.8
Course Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Certification of Completion: A Certificate of Completion indicating the total number of CEUs earned will be provided upon successful completion of the course.


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This is a fast-paced review of the knowledge and skills necessary for technicians with 7+ years of practical experience who are preparing to sit for the CCST Level II exam. An explanation of the requirements, examination process and practice certification-type exams are provided.

You will be able to:

  • Explain multi-step troubleshooting methodology
  • Evaluate control systems tuning and system response to changes in control parameters 
  • Describe the isolation of a process component from an operational system to perform proper testing, maintenance, or troubleshooting
  • Evaluate installed industrial network data and performance using network diagnostic tools
  • Explain the process to identify and correct problems that may arise during the commissioning of control systems
    • Verify final control element functionality through manipulated variables using controller mode and output functions
    • Define system documentation and symbology to effectively troubleshoot instrumentation, control loops, and electrical and pneumatic installations
    • Identify electrical or hazard area classifications and determine appropriate procedures to be followed for safe and effective operation
    • Identify any need for further study or training in specific knowledge areas

You will cover:

  • Concepts of Process Control | Instrument Air
  • Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) | Basic Measuring Units
  • Fundamentals of Instrumentation
  • Temperature | Pressure | Flow | Level
  • Analyzers | Final Control Elements
  • Safety | Electricity
  • Advancing Technologies | Numbering Systems
  • PLCS Basics | Basic Requirements for Protocol
  • Fieldbus | Communications Protocol
  • Fiber Optics | SCADA
  • Process Dynamics | Control Action
  • PID | Tuning | Advanced Control Strategy
  • Calibration |  Instrument Performance
  • Pressure Test & Calibration Equipment | Instrument Maintenance
  • Best Procedures for LAN's | Troubleshooting with Statistics | Tools
  • DCS Troubleshooting | Hazardous Locations
  • Installation | Start-Up | Loop Checking

Classroom/Laboratory Exercises:

ISA CCST Level II practice exams

ISA Text Included:
CCST® Study Guide Level II

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