This webinar will explore the current trends in the market place and industry in general with respect to Fire and Gas Detection Systems and their relationship to Safety Instrumented Systems (SISs). The concept of a Safety Instrumented Fire and Gas Detection System will be introduced and explained in detail.

Design issues associated with Safety Instrumented Fire and Gas Detection Systems will be addressed, such as:

• Energize-to-trip system requirements
• Mitigation versus prevention system issues with regard to overall facility risk reduction
• Backup power requirements and implementation issues
• Circuit supervision requirements
• Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) identification / Safety Integrity Level (SIL) selection issues

You will be able to:

  • Recognize the differences between a Fire and Gas System (FGS) and a SIS
  • Identify what codes/standards exist or are being modified that could impact the design of FGSs
  • Identify issues to be addressed when attempting to apply SIS concepts to FGS designs
  • Define prescriptive requirements imposed by NFPA 72 certification including battery sizing, battery chargers, and circuit supervision
  • Gain insight into future FGS requirements that could impact your design/facility

You will cover:

  • Industry Update: ISA84 Fire and Gas Sub-Committee | NFPA 72 | UL 864
  • Logic Solver Update: FM 72 and UL 864 Approved SI-FGS Trends
  • Product Update: FMEDA Availability for Fire and Gas Sensors
  • NFPA 72 Certification Requirements: Safety PLCs including Battery Sizing, Battery Chargers, and Circuit Supervision
  • Applying SIS concepts to FGS
  • SI-FGS Survey Results
  • Related Requirements: IEC 61508 | IEC 61511 FGS | ANSI/ISA84.01 | NFPA 72 | UL 864

Equipment & System Requirements:

  • Touch-tone telephone with a speakerphone for the audio portion of the live seminars
  • Internet connection running at 28.8 bps or faster
  • Java-enabled browser (Netscape Navigator 4.04 or later or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or later)
  • Computer monitor large enough for all participants to view or projection system for presentation to larger audiences

*Please note that all US and Canadian participants will dial into a toll-free number. All non-US or non-Canadian participants will dial into a toll number and be charged by the long distance provider for the call.

Registration Options:

  • Register online for the individual Web Seminar offering.

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