• Web Seminar: The ISA95 Object Models for Enterprise Control System Integration, Part 1: Introduction (IC55CW1)

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    This seminar presents the ANSI/ISA95 standard defining integration of business logistics systems-enterprise resource planning (ERP), production lifecycle management (PLM), and supply chain management (SCM)-to manufacturing control systems and manufacturing execution systems (MES). This seminar explains the ISA95 object models that are the basis for exchange of information between enterprise and control systems.

    You will be able to:

    • Describe the business reasons associated with business to manufacturing integration
    • Identify the key business drivers associated with integration projects to focus on information exchanges that meet the identified business goals
    • Describe the general information that must be exchanged between business systems and manufacturing systems
    • Describe the XML schemas developed to use the definitions in ANSI/ISA95 Parts 1 and 2
    • Evaluate the integration technologies being applied to business to manufacturing integration

    You will cover:

    • Main Business Reasons Associated with Business to Manufacturing Integration
    • Key Business Drivers Associated with Integration Projects
    • Information Exchanges that Meet the Identified Business Goals
    • General Information Exchanged between Business Systems and Manufacturing Systems
    • XML Schemas Developed to Use the Definitions in ANSI/ISA95 Parts 1 and 2
    • Integration Technologies Being Applied to Business to Manufacturing Integration

    Who should attend:

    • Plant managers charged with integrating their systems with ERP systems
    • IT managers charged with integrating their ERP, PLM, or SCM systems with the manufacturing floor
    • Integrators who must define the requirements of integration projects and implement integration between business and manufacturing systems

    Equipment & System Requirements:

    • Touch-tone telephone with a speakerphone for the audio portion of the live seminars
    • Internet connection running at 28.8 bps or faster
    • Java-enabled browser (Netscape Navigator 4.04 or later or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or later)
    • Computer monitor large enough for all participants to view or projection system for presentation to larger audiences

    *Please note that all US and Canadian participants will dial into a toll-free number. All non-US or non-Canadian participants will dial into a toll number and be charged by the long distance provider for the call.

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