• Web Seminar: Introduction to Temperature Measurement (FG05W2)


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    This seminar provides an introduction to and overview of temperature measurement as current practice in measurement and control systems. Terminology, technology, and applications are covered in this concise presentation.

    You will be able to:

    • Recognize the measurement principles, instrument technologies, and applications to process conditions for temperature measurement

    You Will Cover:

    • Introduction to Temperature Measurement: Principles | Classification of Thermometers | Temperature Scales | Liquid Filled | Systems | Vapor Filled Systems | Bimetallic Elements
    • RTDs and Thermistors: Basic RTD | 2-Wire RTD | 3- Wire RTD | 4-Wire RTD | Sheathed RTD | RTD Considerations | Thermistors
    • Thermocouples: Basic Thermocouple Principles | Thermocouple Materials | Thermocouple Extension Wire | Thermocouple Construction and Assemblies | Thermocouple Considerations
    • Installation and Maintenance: Stem Loss | Thermal Shunting | Radiation | Frictional Heating | RTD Calibration | Thermocouple Calibration | Mounting

    Equipment & System Requirements:

    • Touch-tone telephone with a speakerphone for the audio portion of the live seminars
    • Internet connection running at 28.8 bps or faster
    • Java-enabled browser (Netscape Navigator 4.04 or later or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or later)
    • Computer monitor large enough for all participants to view or projection system for presentation to larger audiences

    *Please note that all US and Canadian participants will dial into a toll-free number. All non-US or non-Canadian participants will dial into a toll number and be charged by the long distance provider for the call.

    Registration Options:

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    To register offline: download the Training Registration Form, complete, and return to ISA with your payment.

    For more extensive information on fundamental training, consider Introduction to Industrial Automation and Control (FG07)

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