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The network firewall is one of the most important tools in any cybersecurity designer's tool box. This seminar introduces the industrial controls engineer to the world of firewall system design, focusing on how these devices can be effectively deployed on the typical plant floor to help meet the ANSI/ISA99 security standards.

You will be able to:

  • Discuss why firewalls are important and how they fit into the ANSI/ISA99 zone model
  • Recognize the common firewall architectures and how they can be applied to the plant floor
  • Identify the three main styles of firewalls and their strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a "defense in depth" security model
  • Identify the TCP/IP basics for creating basic firewall rule sets
  • Apply the TCP/IP basics for firewall deployment

You will cover:

  •  What are Firewalls and Why Use Them?   Network Segmentation Requirements in the ANSI/ISA99 Standard | Pathways into the Control Network | What is a Firewall? | Business/Process Firewall Architectures
  • Defense in Depth, Zones, and Conduits: Understanding Defense in Depth | Dividing Up The Control System into Security Zones | Connecting Control System Zones | Multi-Layer Architectures | Providing Defense in Depth to Critical Assets | Practical Solutions for Hardening Legacy Components
  • Understanding Firewall Policy:   Firewall Policy and Rule Sets | TCP/IP, IP Addressing, and Port Numbers | Example Firewall Rules | What Firewalls Don't Do

Equipment and System Requirements:

  • Touch-tone telephone with a speakerphone for the audio portion of the live seminars
  • Internet connection running at 28.8 bps or faster
  • Java-enabled browser (Netscape Navigator 4.04 or later or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or later)
  • Computer monitor large enough for all participants to view or projection system for presentation to larger audiences

*Please note that all US and Canadian participants will dial into a toll-free number. All non-US or non-Canadian participants will dial into a toll number and be charged by the long distance provider for the call.

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