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Expert-led industrial communications training with real-world application from a global leader in automation and control training

Communication networks are the mission-critical backbone of automation and control solutions. And, given the rapid changes occurring in the area of communications, comprehensive industrial communications training is essential to address ever-evolving technical challenges.

After all, improperly designed, programmed, or maintained communications networks and components can lead to unreliable performance, loss of critical data, security breaches, and system downtime and failure.

As a widely recognized, world leader in automation and control training, the International Society of Automation (ISA) provides the proven expertise needed to protect your industrial communications systems, and the practical methodologies to help you immediately apply your knowledge in the workplace.

ISA's industrial communications training starts with the fundamentals, providing the underlying principles and tools needed to design effective communications systems, and outlining the equipment, software, and protocols required to transmit, report, and process real-time data. More advanced instruction covers programming, installation, maintenance, and integration of programmable logic controllers (PLC) and programmable automation controllers (PAC), and furnishes critical survival strategies for instrumentation and control personnel.

Click on a training course title to learn more about that course and its scheduled offerings:

  • IT Survival Basics for I&C Personnel (TS04)
  • Industrial Data Communications Systems (TS06)
  • Industrial Networking & Cybersecurity (TS12)
  • PLC Fundamentals for the Technical Professional (TC40)

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Why ISA Training?

All ISA training courses provide real-life examples and case histories, further reinforcing the practical and relevant nature of ISA training. To ensure flexibility and to meet varying customer needs, ISA offers communications training at a variety of locations: at ISA headquarters in North Carolina, at ISA's many regional training centers, and onsite directly at customer facilities.
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All of ISA's communications training courses can be taught directly at your company location through ISA's Onsite Training services. Contact ISA for more information.

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