Interested in teaching one or more ISA training courses?

Please email your resume, three references, and the courses you'd like to teach to

Instructor Qualifications

  • Ten years active, related industry experience in the course subject matter
  • One year (or equivalent) experience teaching adults
  • Ability to use a variety of training aids and instructional methods and to function in a hands-on adult learning environment
  • Ability to relate subject matter to students work experience
  • CCST and/or CAP certification preferred, but not required
  • ISA Membership preferred, but not required
  • To qualify as an instructor for courses marked with "*" you must be an active and voting member of the related standards committee
  • NFPA Expert Knowledge & Involvement (for related course content, if applicable)

Certification & Licensure Courses

  • Certified Automation Professional (CAP) Exam Review Course (EC00)
  • Control Systems Engineering PE Exam Review Course (EN00)
  • Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) Level I Review Course (TS00)
  • Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) Level II Exam Review Course (TS02)
  • Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) Level III Exam Review Course (TS03)

Data Communications & Networking Courses

  • Security Engineering for Industrial Automation Systems* (IC32)
  • Assessing the Cybersecurity of New or Existing IACS Systems (IC33)
  • IACS Cybersecurity Design & Implementation (IC34)
  • IACS Cybersecurity Operations & Maintenance (IC37)
  • Industrial Data Communications Systems (TS06)
  • Industrial Networking & Security (TS12)

Instrumentation & Control Courses

  • Introduction to Building Automation Systems (EA15)
  • Industrial Pressure, Level and Density Measurement Engineering (EI05)
  • Industrial Flow Measurement Engineering (EI10)
  • Sizing, Selecting and Applying Process Control Valves (EI30)
  • Introduction to Industrial Automation and Control (FG07)
  • Process Automation Boot Camp For Non-Maintenance Personnel (PABC)
  • Understanding and Applying Motor Controls and Drives (SP15)
  • Understanding and Tuning Control Loops (TC05)
  • Troubleshooting Instrumentation and Control Systems (TC10)
  • Installing, Calibrating and Maintaining Electronic Instruments (TI25)

Safety Courses

  • Safety Instrumented Systems - Design, Analysis, and Justification* (EC50)
  • Advanced Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Selection (EC52)
  • Advanced Design and SIL Verification (EC54)
  • Understanding and Applying Instrumentation in Hazardous (Classified) Locations* (ES10)
  • Boiler Control Systems Engineering (ES15)
  • Burner Management Systems Engineering (ES16)

Boot Camp Courses

  • Automation Engineering Survival Training (AEST)
  • Automation Engineering Survival Training - Integrator Version (AESTIV)
  • Tactics for Advanced Troubleshooting Boot Camp (TATC)
  • Technician Training Boot Camp (TTBC)

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