Created for the busy automation professional

CyberU Landing page

ISA CyberU, online-instructor-led training, is a flexible multi-week course of study that allows you, the busy professional, to complete an ISA course at your convenience, any time and any place.

As a CyberU student, you will acquire skills and expertise that are in high demand in today’s marketplace. You will learn from ISA experts and network with professional classmates who share similar technical issues. Download assignments, read and contribute to class discussions, review instructor feedback and more — all at your convenience.

And, because of the nature of this flexible course of study, if you miss the initial registration deadline date, you can still enroll well into the session, as long as you finish before the final examination date.

Here’s what ISA’s newest distance learning opportunity has to offer:

  • Course Materials/Pre- and Post-Exams
  • Pre-Recorded Course Study Modules *
  • Reading/Homework Assignments
  • Ask the Expert - Live Q and A with Instructor *
  • Class Discussions/Networking Listserve
  • CEUs/Certificate of Completion

All of this flexibility-plus ISA’s expert instructors, quality training materials and networking opportunities right at your fingertips.

Features of ISA CyberU online course:

Online Pre-recorded Course Modules

Your instructor has pre-recorded each course module so that you can access the course presentations on your schedule. Each module is a web/audio session that takes approximately 60 minutes.

Ask the Expert Interact with your expert instructor, via email throughout the course and through scheduled live Q&A sessions. You can expect a reply to your email within 24 hours. This email address is active during the entire course duration. The Q&A sessions provide an opportunity for you and your classmates to speak one-on-one with the instructor. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the course material and interact with your fellow classmates.

Class Discussions

You will be invited to subscribe to a course listserve that includes course participants. You can use this listserve to post questions and share experience relevant to the course with other class members.

Course Assignments and Exams

Take the course pre-test before you begin studying the course material to get a better understanding of areas that you will want to focus on more during the course. 

Homework assignments for all modules will be indicated on the syllabus. The homework assignments are designed to help expand your understanding of the course material. 

Complete the final exam for the course in order to receive Continuing Education Units (CEU) credit. The final exam will be taken and scored online. You must receive at least 80% on the course exam to receive CEU credit.

Continuing Education Units (CEU) credits are awarded to all students who successfully complete the final course exam.

Online Instructor-Assisted Courses

Online Fundamental, Automation and Technical Skills Courses:


Applying Instrumentation in Hazardous Locations Online (ES10E)

Batch Control Using the ANSI/ISA88 Standards (IC40E)

Developing and Applying Standard Instrumentation and Control Documentation (FG15E)

Fundamentals of Industrial Process, Measurement & Control Online (FG05E)

Implementing Business to MES Integration Using the ANSI/ISA95 Standards (Online) (IC55E)

Introduction to Industrial Pressure, Level, and Density Measurement Technologies (EI05E)

Safety Instrumented Systems: Design, Analysis & Justification (EC50E)

Sistemas Instrumentados de Seguridad - Diseño, análisis y justificación (EC50ESP)

Using the ISA/IEC 62443 Standard to Secure Your Control Systems (IC32E)


Online Certification Review Courses:


Control Systems Engineering (CSE) Exam Online Review Course (EN00E)

Certified Automation Professional® (CAP®) Exam Online Review Course (EC00E)

Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) Online Exam Review Course (TS00E)

Certified Control Systems Technician® (CCST®) Level II Online Exam Review Course (TS02E)

Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) Level III Exam Review Course Online (TS03E)


Other Online Opportunities


University of Kansas Certificate Program: Cybersecurity for Industrial Automation and Control Systems

University of Kansas Certificate Program: Process Instrumentation and Control

University of Kansas Certificate Program: Process Control and Advanced Regulatory Control Strategies

Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation from the EIT

Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation) from the EIT

*Course topics subject to change.