Thank you for being an ISA CAP!

The ISA CAP certification is total confirmation of your knowledge and skills. While the ISA CAP certification is very broad in scope, none of us are perfectly knowledgeable in every aspect of automation. However, CAPs have a great, but underutilized resource available to them. That is the collective knowledge of hundreds of other CAPs. That knowledge is available via the CAPCOMMUNITY List, which is an email list where CAPs can openly communicate with other CAPs.

If you have already signed up for the CAPCOMMUNITY List, please use it for your fullest benefit. After all, where else can you find a better knowledge base in the automation industry? 

If you have not joined the CAPCOMMUNITY List, please take a few minutes to enroll. To enroll, follow this link.

NOTE: You must have an active CAP certification in order to join the list. If you are not a CAP and would like to apply to take the CAP exam, please do so at: Apply for CAP Exam