ISA Certification Programs benefit employers and automation professionals by promoting career development and recognition for individuals, and by providing measurable hiring and promoting qualifications for managers.

Certification programs document an individual's experience, knowledge, and education-and provide an objective, third-party assessment of his or her skills.

Employers value certification programs for their development of a better trained workforce, promotion of safe work practices, ability to provide a qualification tool for hiring and advancement decisions, and enhancement of their company image with internal and external customers. Industry managers and leaders in the field recognize that employing certified professionals demonstrates a commitment to a safer and more productive workplace.

As an automation and control manager, you understand workplace challenges: intensifying competition, the need to increase efficiency, and pressure to recruit and maintain experienced employees. To maintain your competitive edge, your company needs highly skilled and certified employees. Today's environment is hectic, pressure-filled, and short on time. You can't afford to make mistakes, and you need to prove - at every turn - that you're doing what it takes to train your team so that your company can increase its success.

ISA's certification programs can give you:

  • Better trained employees
  • Confidence in your employees' knowledge and skills
  • A competent staff that stands out in the market place
  • A documented commitment to excellence in automation, to safety, and to continued education
  • The ability to meet clients' requests for certified professionals to work on their automation projects
  • 3rd party endorsement of your employees' knowledge, experience, and understanding of automation and control systems
  • Worldwide recognition of your employees
  • Improved credibility for services companies
  • People who are interested in self-advancement
  • A way to motivate your employees to do more continuing education
  • A method of recognizing top employees
  • A recruiting tool
  • Greater levels of efficiency, safety, productivity, and throughputs, and a higher ROI to your plant