• Geographic Assembly

    The Geographic Assembly is comprised of District Vice Presidents, District Vice Presidents-elect, and a Chair. The Geographic Assembly promotes efficient and effective Section operations, facilitates interchange of best practices among Sections and Districts, identifies resources, both needed and available, to facilitate volunteer activities at the Section and District level, and provides oversight of Society-level funding supporting Sections and Districts.

    Standing Committees

    District Leadership Conference Committee*
    District and Section Issues Committee*
    Budgeting Committee*

    *These Geographic Assembly standing committees do not have separate webpages.

  • Committee Documents

    Committee documents are added as they become available. Some documents are for ISA members only and require that you log in to view.


  • Contacts

    Declan Lordan

    District 1 VP
    Paul Lanzillotta

    District 2 VP
    Brian Ivey

    District 3 VP
    Carlos Colon

    District 4 VP
    Ana Rodrigues

    District 5 VP
    Debashis Sadhukhan

    District 6 VP
    Brent Carlson

    District 7 VP
    Ardis Bartle

    District 8 VP
    Jeff Hayes

    District 9 VP
    Paulo Vergara

    District 10 VP
    Brandon Cornthwaite

    District 11 VP
    Joe Bingham

    District 12 VP
    Ugo Baggi

    District 13 VP
    Brent Killins

    District 14 VP
    Rajesh Rathi

    District 1 VP-elect
    David Dlugos

    District 2 VP-elect
    Khalid Taha

    District 3 VP-elect
    Michael Baldauff

    District 4 VP-elect
    Gil De Souza

    District 5 VP-elect
    Dale Reed

    District 7 VP-elect
    Sohail Iftikhar

    District 8 VP-elect
    Nicholas Erickson

    District 9 VP-elect
    Jose Luis Salinas Morain

    District 10 VP-elect
    Blaine Barnes

    District 11 VP-elect
    Ian Harris

    District 12 VP-elect
    Francisco Diaz-Andreu

    District 13 VP-elect
    Maxym Lachance

    District 14 VP-elect
    Sujata Tilak

    Andrea Holovach

    Staff Contact
    Rachael McGuffin

    Staff Contact
    Karen Modrow