• Committee Documents

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  • Contacts

    Leadership Development Chair
    Daniel Polachini

    District 4 VP
    Ana Rodrigues

    District 4 VP-elect
    Gil De Souza

    Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Mandolesi

    Alternate Nominator
    Gil De Souza

    Workshop Coordinator
    Miguel Borges Filho

    Gil De Souza

    Ricardo Diogo

    Program Chair
    Marco Antonio Coghi

    Education Chair
    Tarciso Martins

    Membership Chair
    Gil De Souza

    Newsletter Editor
    Ana Rodrigues

    Ana Rodrigues

    Publications Chair
    Ricardo Vieira

    Honors & Awards Chair
    David Villar Rodrigues

    Student Section Liaison
    Marcilio Pongitori

    Section-Division Liaison
    Ana Rodrigues

    Standards & Practices Chair
    Joao Bassa

    Special Assignment
    Ana Rodrigues

    Staff Contact
    Rachael McGuffin