• Automation Advisory Committee

    The Automation Advisory Council helps identify current and emerging trends in the automation community that will have the greatest relevance, value, and impact on the automation profession.

    The Automation Advisory Council includes a minimum of three members who hold senior-level positions within their companies or organizations and come from industry, academic, or government organizations.

    Member Profiles

    Paul Maurath

    Paul Maurath is a Technical Section Head in Global Engineering for Procter & Gamble (or P&G) focusing on Process Automation and Control. His 30 year career in automation and control at P&G has included work in control strategy development, control system performance, process instrumentation, and engineering collaboration. Paul holds a BSChE from Washington University (St. Louis) and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from The University of California Santa Barbara.

    Nelson Nordan

    Profile (pdf)

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    Andrea Holovach