• Strategic Planning Department

    The Strategic Planning Department helps to define, guide, facilitate, monitor, and improve the planning process and monitor progress against the current strategic plan. The Strategic Planning Department:

    • Assures that an effective, resource-efficient planning process is used to collect and integrate member and staff inputs,
    • Assists the Executive Board to ensure that a meaningful and relevant strategic business plan exists, and
    • Assists the Society units in assuring that the strategic business plan is implemented effectively.

  • Committee Documents

    Committee documents are added as they become available. Some documents are for ISA members only and require that you log in to view.


  • Contacts

    Strategic Planning Department VP
    Nicholas Sands

    Joao Bassa

    Nicholas Erickson

    Xinsheng Lou

    Yesid Yermanos Aldana

    Dennis Zetterberg

    Tony Fragnito

    Staff Contact
    Andrea Holovach