• Instrumentation Basics Series

    These 15 DVDs will provide your technicians the facts and comprehensive information they need to troubleshoot, adjust, calibrate, and repair today's instrumentation and control systems. Stay current with the latest techniques and advances.

    • Feedback Control (DVD)
    • Process Control Modes (DVD)
    • Process Characteristics (DVD)
    • Process Variables (DVD)
    • Instrumentation Symbols (DVD)
    • Instrument Loop Diagrams (DVD)
    • Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (DVD)
    • Mechanical Connections (DVD)
    • Electrical Connections (DVD)
    • Primary Calibration Standards (DVD)
    • Pneumatic Test Equipment (DVD)
    • Electronic Test Equipment (DVD)
    • Oscilloscopes (DVD)
    • Instrumentation Errors (DVD)
    • Instrumentation Calibration (DVD)

    If you are interested in purchasing this entire DVD series for $1,200.00, call ISA at (919) 549-8411 and reference Series Order No. ITTP2ADVD.