• Division Director-Elect

    1. Duties and Responsibilities

    The Division Director-elect assists the director in achieving the goals and objectives of the division. The Division Director-elect's primary duties consist of:

    • Assisting the director in the administration of the division.
    • Aiding the director in the preparation of the annual division budget.
    • Serving as director in the latters absence, or if the position becomes vacant, it shall be filled by the director-elect for the unexpired portion.
    • Carrying out special projects or studies as required by the director.
    • Assisting in the development and coordination of a division long range plan.

    2. Position Parameters

    The following list is the basic parameters for the position of Director-elect:

    • Term of Office - 1 year
    • Resources Available -ISA Manual of Organization & Procedures, Division Operating Guide, Division Financial Management Guide, Division Director, Advisory Boards, Dept. Vice President, and ISA Staff.
    • Time Commitment - Average 1-3 hours per week.
    • Meeting Obligations - Division meetings held in conjunction with division symposia and division meetings held at the President's Winter, Summer and Fall Meetings.
    • Qualifications - Division member in good standing. Knowledge of division operations.
    • Method of appointment - Appointed by the division director.