• ISA75.08, Control Valve Face-to-Face Dimensions


    Committee will create standards on face-to-face dimensions for the various types of control valves as defined in ANSI/ISA-75.05.01-2000 (R2005), Control Valve Terminology, with the exception of clamp and pinch valves covered in ANSI/ISA-75.10.02-2008, Formerly ANSI/ISA-75.08-1999, Installed Face-to-Face Dimensions for Dual Pinch Flanged Clamp or Pinch Valves (Classes 125 and 150).


    This subcommittee has been formed as successor to the ISA4 committee to prepare control valve face-to-face dimensional standards, and provide interchangeability between control valves made by various manufacturers.

    A Word from the Chairman

    ISA75.08 recently reaffirmed many of its existing ANSI-approved standards.

    For information about upcoming ISA75.08 meetings and other ISA75 and ISA96 meetings, please visit the ISA75 page.

    -- Warren Weidman

    For more information, please contact

    Eliana Brazda
    ISA Standards Administrator
    (919) 990-9228

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    Voting Member Managing Director
    Warren Weidman

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