• LDAR Best Practices - Advanced Edition (SP13PC)


    This one-day short course will provide a fast-paced, advanced overview with expert instruction and interpretation in a fun and relaxed environment covering frequently asked compliance questions encountered by the regulated community and LDAR contractors. 

    Using the twelve elements of the EPA's Model LDAR Program as a basis, this course will cover critical compliance questions that the regulated community and LDAR contractors wrestle with in implementing a robust LDAR program.  It will provide expert advice interpretation on several key issues in each program element.  The course will cover key rule provisions, examine EPA applicability determinations, demonstrate compliance issues through pictures and diagrams, and reinforce the content through group questions and discussion.  Attendees will gain a perspective on LDAR compliance beyond the basic provisions in EPA's Best Practices Guide, and come away more prepared to withstand a compliance audit.

    You Will Cover:

    • Applicability of State & Federal Requirements
    • Key EPA Applicability Determinations
    • Stringency/Rule Consolidation
    • Advanced QA/QC Techniques and Forensic Database Analysis
    • Enhanced LDAR Requirements
    • EPA's Recommended Best Practices
    • Agency Expectations
    • Common Audit Findings

    You Will Be Able To:

    • Explain the underlying intent of key rules or requirements
    • Identify applicable requirements for Operations and Maintenance personnel
    • Troubleshoot your LDAR monitoring data
    • Conduct a periodic check on your LDAR personnel
    • Anticipate inspector/auditor concerns
    • Challenge your LDAR auditor's findings
    • Better identify compliance issues during field walkthroughs
    • Improve the sustainability of your program