• Valve Actuator Committee seeks broader end user support

    The ISA96 Valve Actuator Committee continues to expand its coverage of valve actuators.  Recent publications include ANSI/ISA-96.03.01-2012, Guidelines for the Specification of Heavy Duty Pneumatically Powered Quarter Turn Valve Actuators and ANSI/ISA-96.03.03-2013, Guidelines for the Specification of Pneumatic Vane Type Valve Actuators. The Committee is also updating ANSI/ISA-96.02.01-2007, Guidelines for the Specification of Electric Valve Actuators and ANSI/ISA-TR96.05.01-2008, Partial Stroke Testing of Automated Block Valves

    At a meeting held in conjunction with the ISA Summer Leaders Meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina in late June, attendees addressed the ongoing work on terminology and hydraulic actuator standards and discussed further broadening the ISA96 scope. They also reviewed the CAPI (Commissie Appendages Process Industrie), Technical Specification for Design Requirements of Actuator Brackets for Quarter Turn Soft Seated Ball Valves--prepared by a consortium of chemical and petrochemical companies to use as a base of standardization for brackets and the ball valve top flange. It was agreed that similar text regarding valve actuator mounting adaptation would be added to all applicable ISA96 documents.

    The formation of two new subcommittees ISA96.07, Valve Actuator Accessories, and ISA96.08, Gas Over Oil Actuators, was approved and the attendees drafted the scope of the proposed technical report, as follows.

    “ISA-TR96.07.01 is informative and does not contain any mandatory requirements.

    ISA-TR96.07.01 is limited to automated on/off valve actuators inclusive of the following:

    • Pneumatic (linear and rotary)
    • Electric (linear and rotary)
    • Hydraulic (linear and rotary)
    • Electro-hydraulic (linear and rotary)
    • Gas over oil (linear and rotary)
    • High pressure gas (no oil) (rotary)”


    An active and productive group, ISA96 meets twice annually and holds WebEx/teleconference meetings throughout the year. The next face-to-face meeting is scheduled for early November 2014; the location is not yet finalized. ISA96 Chair Vince Mezzano encourages all interested participants to join and contribute their technical expertise and experience. The Committee is especially in need of those from the end user community.  If you would like to participate on this Committee, contact Eliana Brazda, ISA96 Staff Contact.