• ISA nuclear and fossil fuel power plant standards committees update current work and look ahead

    Following the 57th Annual ISA Power Industry Division (POWID) Symposium in Scottsdale, Arizona, members of the ISA67, Nuclear Power Plant Standards and ISA77, Fossil Power Plant Standards Committees met on June 5-6, 2014 to review recent ballot comments and discuss new areas for potential work.

    ISA67 revised and published ANSI/ISA-67.02.01-2014, Nuclear Safety-Related Instrument Sensing Line Piping and Tubing Standard for Use in Nuclear Power Plants following its 2013 meeting.  They are working on revisions to standards covering the topics of sensors, leak detection, setpoints, and performance monitoring. 

    ISA67 attendees also discussed areas of work applying to existing plants, newly constructed reactors, and the increased worldwide concern for safety that have not yet been addressed.  They explored the need for additional guidance and identifying an appropriate means to provide such guidance on

    • Nuclear human factors,
    • Resistance temperature detectors (RTD) cross-calibration,
    • Setpoint control programs, and
    • Calibration of loops by normalization

    Prior to the ISA77 meeting, the committee revised and published ISA-TR77.42.02-2014, Fossil Fuel Power Plant Compensated Differential Pressure Based Drum Level Measurement.  Subcommittees are finalizing standards on turbine steam bypass systems and unit/plant demand development.  Standards on steam turbine control, boiler combustion control, human machine interface and hard panel alarms, tracking/reporting instrument documentation, and instrument piping, recently submitted for reaffirmation ballot, gathered considerable comments and may necessitate revision.  ISA77.22 Power Plant Automation and ISA77.30 Dynamic Performance for Power Plant Control Systems handle the majority of document preparation and review through web meetings and are close to balloting their documents.

    To respond to the needs of the power industry, ISA77 is also considering new standards topics including

    • Soft station hierarchy,
    • Once-through boiler control strategy designs, such as the firing rate/feedwater rate loop, and
    • Other controls in new once-through boiler designs

    ISA67 and ISA77 meet face to face annually during the ISA POWID Symposium.  In addition, web meetings are planned in September 2014 (for ISA67) and October 2014 (for ISA77).

    Both the nuclear and fossil power plant standards committees are seeking additional members. If you are interested in contributing to the work of ISA67 or ISA77, contact Eliana Brazda at ebrazda@isa.org.