• Onsite Training Referral Program for ISA Sections

    Do you know of local companies or colleagues who are interested in obtaining private, high quality, technical training for employees directly at their plant/facility location? ISA can help. Aside from regular section meetings, you and your fellow ISA members network in all sorts of local business scenarios. Why not use that networking to your section's advantage? If you or another section member refers a company to ISA-on behalf of the section-and that company then books a private training class with ISA Headquarters, your section can benefit from a 10% Finder's Fee Award paid to your section treasury.


    • To work with ISA sections to qualify onsite/in-company training leads in the section's geographic area through a finder's fee incentive program that rewards an individual's section for his or her successful referrals


    • Provide sections with an additional program that will benefit the section 
    • Increase onsite training referral and lead pipeline generation for ISA Headquarters
    • Provide opportunities for section to increase membership

    Section and Section Representative Responsibilities:

    • Identify leads for ISA Headquarters onsite training in section's geographic area
      • The section representative should in no way attempt to "sell" ISA Onsite/In-Company Training to the referred company/client
      • The section representative should simply provide ISA Headquarters with the contact information for a representative of the referred company/client, who has indicated a potential interest in bringing ISA Training to their location
    • Complete and submit the Onsite Training Ready Referral Form to ISA HQ
    • Ensure that any referral to ISA Headquarters is provided on behalf of the section and does not infringe upon an individual's employment or potential business involvement and/or create a conflict of interest
      • ISA Headquarters will not be held responsible for referrals made by individuals (on behalf of the section) employed by companies where a competitive situation may exist with the referred company. It is the responsibility of the section representative making the referral to assume and understand whether such risk exists

    ISA Staff Responsibilities:

    • Inform the section within five (5) days of the referral if ISA is already actively working with the customer on onsite/in-company training
      • If ISA Headquarters is already "actively working" with the customer, the section is not entitled to any referral fees
      • "Actively working" means that an ISA staff employee has had two or more contacts in the last 12 months relating to ISA Onsite/In-Company Training at the specific company location. Note that "actively working"does not include broadcast emails and bulk direct mail promotions that are sent to a general training customer audience
    • Close sale of ISA onsite/in-company training to the referred company/client
    • Determine amount of and issue referral fee to the section when referral company/client successfully purchases ISA Onsite/In-Company Training
      • The 10% referral fee is based upon the gross revenue of the training class at invoicing (excluding any international tax requirements, where applicable)
      • Payment to the section will be issued after payment in full is received from company/client to ISA Headquarters
      • Referral terms are on a per course/order basis. Any classes conducted by ISA Headquarters with the client, that are not actively referred by the section prior to order date, will not be eligible for referral fee
      • Referral fee award is based upon initial course(s) sale only. Any classes conducted with company/client following the initial course order are not eligible for this program

    Target Companies/Clients:

    Who should your target referral companies be? ISA Headquarters has successfully conducted onsite training courses with companies in the following industry areas:

    • Oil and Gas
      • Upstream/Production
      • Midstream/Pipeline
      • Downstream/Refineries
    • Power
      • Generation
      • Distribution
      • Nuclear
    • Food and Beverage
    • Water and Wastewater
    • Defense/National Security
    • Engineering Services
    • Concrete
    • Fertilizers
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Chemical
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Continuous Process Control

    If you know of a company in an area above that is seeking automation and control training for its employees in your area, simply identify the company/client contact that ISA Headquarters should reach out to, complete the Onsite Training Ready Referral Formand return the form to ISA Headquarters. If the referral is a success resulting in a closed onsite/in-company training sale, your section will receive the 10% referral fee!

    ISA Onsite Training Courses

    For a list of all ISA multi-day and one-day courses that can be offered through ISA Onsite/In-Company Training, visit www.isa.org/CourseList.

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