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    Q&A with Steven Allee

    Q: Give us a brief introduction of yourself, your educational background, and your current place in the industry?

    A: My name is Steven Allee. I have associate degrees in electronics, telecommunications, and arts from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community. After obtaining my degrees, I studied at the University of Southern Mississippi where I received my bachelors of science degree and master's degree in electronics.

    Q: Could you tell me about your career?  

    A: My first job was working as a nationwide service technician covering territories in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. After completing my master's degree, I moved up within the company as its electrical/automation engineer. There, I performed control system retrofits on large equipment, including CNC machine centers as well as other equipment. This experience led me into workforce programming and installing GE FANUC, FANUC, and Rockwell (Allen Bradley) control systems.

    Not long after, I was offered a position within B&R Industrial Automation, based in Austria. I currently serve as product support engineer. In this position, I still perform calls to end users as well as OEM/retrofitters to evaluate the cause of their problems. 

    Q: Have you volunteered with ISA in the past? 

    A: I worked with ISA during my time at the University of Southern Mississippi. While under Dr. Randy Buchanan's leadership, I performed many duties within ISA, typically at ISA's International Instrumentation Symposium. 

    Q:  Finally, what would you say to a young person who is involved in instrumentation about how ISA can help them grow and hone leadership skills? 

    A: ISA provides a great knowledge base of information and people. They are able to bring many professionals in the field together to improve the industry as well as assist the youth coming into the industry.