November 1, 2005

Asset performance focus at Invensys user group

In an effort to bring together the maintenance department and the operations function, Invensys Process Systems unveiled at its user group meeting performance management tools it said will allow users to manage the availability and utilization of assets.

Traditionally, users either focused on the maintenance department's issue of availability or operation's focus on utilization of assets. But they never really looked at both at the same time. Invensys feels users can maximize their processes if they can balance utilization with asset availability in a way that meets their business needs.

Invensys will offer nine system level asset monitors that try to help maximized asset availability and utilization. While there are some new technologies involved, the nine monitors mainly consist of existing capabilities the company currently has. Five component level monitors mange the performance of field devices, process control loops, and plant equipment:

Four system level monitors help manage plant alarms, network security, safety system integrity, and control system performance.