July/August 2013

Guidelines for procedure automation in continuous process operations

A  new ISA technical report addresses good practices regarding procedure automation in process operations and strategies for incorporating automated procedures into industrial automation and basic process control systems (BPCS).

ISA-TR106.00.01-2013, Procedure Automation for Continuous Process Operations - Models and Terminology, complements the concepts in key ISA standards that deal with the use of procedures in specific applications, including batch processing (ISA-88) and safety systems (ISA-84). Many such fundamental concepts are common to all procedures regardless of where they are implemented, but there are needs specific to continuous processes. These needs are addressed in the new technical report in a procedure requirements model, procedure implementation model, and physical model, as well as in sections concerning mapping procedures to BPCS components.

The good practices documented in the technical report address many of the human performance limitations that can occur during procedural operations pertaining to continuous operations. Also described are the elements necessary to implement procedure automation. Such procedures are less prone to significant deviations in practice and may also improve the response to disturbances.

Procedures represent the knowledge necessary to operate a system and are critical components of continuous operations. Historically, procedures have been executed by humans reading from a manual, checklist document, or a static display. The new technical report describes the concepts by which procedures are integrated into the BPCS.

The intended audience for the document is technical and operations managers and engineering personnel who are responsible for the operation or automation of continuous process operations, members of engineering departments of owner/operators, engineering personnel of engineering and procurement companies, automation vendors, and system integrators, and other process engineering practitioners.

ISA106, Procedure Automation for Continuous Process Operations, developed the technical report. The committee is now developing a second technical report on the work processes for automating the procedures that monitor and control continuous processes. This second technical report is intended to be applied to capital projects but could also be applied to operating expenditures activities to automate individual procedures.

For information about the ISA106 committee, contact Charley Robinson, ISA standards, crobinson@isa.org.

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ISA67 and ISA77 Meeting Reports from ISA Power Industry Symposium

ISA67, Nuclear Power Plant Standards, and ISA77, Fossil Power Plant Standards, held meetings in conjunction with the ISA POWID 56th Symposium on 5-6 June 2013 in Orlando, Fla.

ISA67 is currently working on the revision of three documents:

  • ISA-67.01.01-2002 (R2007), Transducer and Transmitter Installation for Nuclear Safety Applications (Chair Bill Barasa)
  • ISA-67.02.01-1999, Nuclear Safety-Related Instrument Sensing Line Piping and Tubing Standard for Use in Nuclear Power Plants (Chair Klemme Herman)
  • ISA-67.06.01-2002, Performance Monitoring for Nuclear Safety-Related Instrument Channels in Nuclear Power Plants (Chair Brent Shumaker)

ISA77 is currently working on the creation of two and the revision of four documents:

  • ISA-77.13.01-1999 (R2008), Fossil Fuel Power Plant Steam Turbine Bypass System (Chair Jeff Schleis)
  • ISA-77.22.01, Power Plant Automation (new standard, Chair Henrik Johansen)
  • ISA-77.30.01, Dynamic Performance for Power Plant Control Systems (new standard, Chair Cyrus Taft)
  • ISA-TR77.42.02-2009, Fossil Fuel Power Plant Compensated Differential Pressure Based Drum Level Measurement (Chair Jerry Gilman)
  • ISA-77.43.01-2002 (R2008), Fossil Fuel Power Plant Unit/Plant Demand Development-Drum Type (Chair, Mike Cushing)
  • ISA-TR77.60.04-1996 (R2008), Fossil Fuel Power Plant Human-Machine Interface - Electronic Screen Displays (Chair Bob Hubby)

For more information about ISA67 or ISA77, contact Eliana Brazda, ISA standards, ebrazda@isa.org.