Plant Maintenance and Operations

Proper maintenance of plant systems and equipment supports optimal plant operation, capacity, and productivity; improves output quality and worker safety; reduces the likelihood and severity of plant and machinery downtime; and pares overall operating costs.


ISA specializes in teaching the latest, proven plant maintenance techniques and technologies so automation and control professionals can:

  • Prevent catastrophic failures before they occur
  • Predict ongoing need for maintenance
  • Improve reliability and availability of plants' automation systems, including machinery and processes
  • Implement state-of-the-art maintenance management programs designed to reduce inspection time, improve plant and equipment operating performance, cut costs, and boost safety

ISA's plant maintenance experts provide the comprehensive, practical instruction needed to immediately apply knowledge in the workplace, offered through a wide variety of learning formats.

All ISA training courses provide relevant examples and case histories, reinforcing practical and real-world scenarios. To ensure flexibility and to meet varying customer needs, ISA offers plant maintenance training at a variety of locations: at ISA headquarters in North Carolina, at ISA's many regional training centers, online, and onsite directly at customer facilities.

Below are among ISA's most popular and essential plant maintenance and operations courses.

Fundamentals of Industrial Process Measurement & Control (FG05E)
Fundamentals of Industrial Process Measurement & Control (FG05M)
Introduction to Industrial Processes, Measurement and Control (FG07)
Installing, Calibrating, and Maintaining Electronic Instruments (TI25)
Instrument Calibration and Documentation for FDA-Regulated Industries (TI24)
Sizing, Selecting, and Applying Process Control Valves (EI30)
Advanced Operation of Digital (Smart) Transmitters (TS17)
Control Valve Mechanics and Operations from Analog to Digital (TS18)
Applying Motor Controls and Drives (SP15)
Industrial Pressure and Level Measurement Engineering (EI05)
Introduction to Industrial Pressure, Level, and Density Measurement Technologies Online Course (EI05E)
Industrial Flow Measurement Engineering (EI10)
Overview of Industrial Flow Measurement Engineering Online Course (EI10E)
Electrical Controls for the Control Systems Technician (TI23)