• Measurement and Control Devices and Techniques

    The original name of ISA was the Instrument Society of America. ISA has expanded to cover all areas of automation in a global fashion, but instruments and control valves form a significant core competency at ISA and on the ISA web site. So does the world of test and measurement systems and sensors. This is the home of textbooks, tutorials, training and expertise on flow, level, pressure, and temperature sensors, transmitters and systems. Here is the home of unbiased, independent material on control valves, sizing, selection, and maintenance. Here is the home of information on variable frequency drives used as final control elements. Here is the home of information on analysis devices used either on-line, or at-line as process control inputs, or off line as quality control systems. 

    ISA has actionable information and expertise on environmental analysis, gas detection and corrosion protection systems. From enclosures to cable, connectors and wiring, ISA can show you standards, best practices and recommended techniques. ISA can teach you about statistical methods for quality and for both calibration and safety systems. ISA can show you standards for calibration and for process safety systems, and how to meet those standards using recommended best practices.

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    A behind the scenes look at a calibration process changeBeamex - calibration process change

    Implementing a calibration process normally involves many stakeholders, such as technicians, management, subject matter experts and IT. Therefore, it needs to be executed methodically to ensure all goals are accomplished. Furthermore, it is also important to remember that it is a process and will not happen overnight. Read this paper to learn the six crucial steps for implementing a calibration process change. Click here to download this free white paper.