• Chemical & Petroleum Division

    The Chemical and Petroleum Industries Division (also known as ChemPID) is organized within the Industry and Sciences Department of ISA. ChemPID aims to contribute to the professional involved in the processing of chemicals, petrochemicals, petroleum, and natural gas.  From raw materials to products ChemPID strives to advance best practices in: Safety, Environmental, Production Efficiency, Operations, Process Control, and Automation.

    With global competition no operation can run the same year after year.  Your plant is either improving or declining.  ChemPID is here to give you the tools you need to improve your plant!

    Have you ever wondered if someone else has already figured it out?  Why re-invent the wheel?  The key to success is to capitalize on problems that have already been solved and focus your engineering talent on problems that require innovation!

    ChemPID Member Benefits and Opportunities

    As a ChemPID member, you will join one of the largest divisions within ISA.  There are numerous benefits and professional opportunities presented by ChemPID:

    • Leadership Opportunities - The opportunity to improve your personal leadership skill level and participate on panel discussions as well as serving as a session developers for ChemPID conferences and symposia.
    • Technical Writing - Reviewing papers or writing articles for the ChemPID newsletter or Web pages.
    • Networking - Increase your visibility in the ChemPID industry to benefit both you and your employer and the opportunity to have a positive impact on the industry.
    • Valuable Information Resources - In addition to the above, ChemPID membership supplies:
      • Two to three comprehensive industry newsletters per year featuring articles and papers from the ChemPID Members and symposium participants.
      • Access to the ChemPID website that provides industry technical papers, web seminars, and a list serve of industry peers.

    Download the Chemical and Petroleum Division Brochure

    Join the 16,000 ISA Members who have already realized the value of Technical Division membership.

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