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    Start-Up: A Technician’s Guide, Third Edition

    By Diane R. Barkin

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    This new edition of the best-selling, best-practice handbook by 30+ year industry veteran Diane Barkin focuses on helping control systems technicians (CSTs) understand their roles in starting up new plants and systems. It prepares them for the high-pressure demands and fast-emerging challenges by familiarizing them with the entire process from initial planning meetings through final testing and documentation, as well as the interactions between disciplines involved, safety considerations, and regulatory requirements.

    These discussions, as well as detailed outlines of CST essential job functions, make this book an excellent resource for start-up preparation and a learning tool for CSTs who are seeking an ISA CCST certification.
    This new edition of Start-Up: A Technician’s Guide addresses: 
    • The essential processes, phases, and documents required to effectively plan for, implement, and manage a successful plant start-up
    • CST essential job functions such as calibration, maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, loop-check, and other project duties
    • Real-life examples designed to help CSTs meet the high-pressure demands and fast-emerging challenges within the industry
    • New technologies and processes
    • Updated references, such as ISA books and standards, as well as standards from other industries
    This resource is invaluable for those seeking to understand the ins and outs of plant start-up operations and management.

    Q&A with the Author

    Diane Barkin
    Diane Barkin

    Author Diane Barkin talks about the unique challenges CSTs face during system start-up, such as a fast-paced, stressful, noisy, and sometimes confusing workplace, and how the book addresses those issues and offers methods for handling them. Read the full article.

    ISA Press Release

    Diane Barkin discusses the features of the book that make it useful to any control system technician seeking to gain state-of-the-art knowledge and improve their on-the-job skills and capabilities. Read the full article.

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    Item Details:

    Copyright: 2020
    Length: 240 Pages
    ISBN: 978-1-945541-79-7
    Selected Format: Softcover
    Publisher: International Society of Automation
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