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    ISA88 Batch Standards and User Resources, Fifth Edition

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    The fifth edition CD is a compilation of essential ISA batch systems standards, technical publications, updated technical papers, and related chapters from the book A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge, Second Edition. It also contains four best-selling ISA books.

    This CD contains:


    • Automation Applications in Bio-Pharmaceuticals by George Buckbee, PE and Joseph Alford, PhD, PE, CAP
    • Applying S88: Batch Control from a User’s Perspective by Jim Parshall and L B Lamb
    • Batch Control Systems: Design, Application, and Implementation, Second Edition by William M Hawkins and Thomas G Fisher
    • Control Loop Foundation—Batch and Continuous Processes by Terrance Blevins and Mark Nixon

    Book Chapters

    From A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge, Second Edition

    • Chapter 14, “Control of Batch Processes”


    • ANSI/ISA-88.00.01-2010, Batch Control – Part 1: Models and Terminology
    • ISA-88.00.02-2001, Batch Control – Part 2: Data Structures and Guidelines for Languages
    • ANSI/ISA-TR88.00.02-2015, Machine and Unit States: An implementation example of ANSI/ISA-88.00.01
    • ISA-88.00.03-2003, Batch Control – Part 3: General and Site Recipe Models and Representation
    • ISA-TR88.0.03-1996, Possible Recipe Procedure Presentation Formats
    • ANSI/ISA-88.00.04-2006, Batch Control – Part 4: Batch Production Records
    • ISA-TR88.95.01-2008, Using ISA-88 and ISA-95 Together

    Technical Papers

    • A Comparison of Surface Adsorption Effects in Mercury and Sulfur Analyzer Systems
    • Achieving Increased Batch Plant Productivity by the Application of a Multi-Level DCS Solution
    • Advanced Control of Batch Reactor Temperature
    • An Operator's View of Recipe Scheduling for Batch Processes
    • Applying XML for Integrating Batch Management with the Enterprise

    • Automated Execution of Bio Tech Batch Manufacturing
    • Avoiding Pitfalls in Determining Quantitative Safety Integrity Levels for Batch Processes
    • Batch Design Techniques
    • Batch Data Exchange using XML
    • Coriolis Mass Flow Meters in Batching Applications – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    • Data Transaction Efficiency in Batch Control: Eliminating the Middle Man
    • Dynamic Data Analysis and Automatic Knowledge Acquisition for Improving Batch Management
    • Extending ISA SP95 Objects for Batch Scheduling
    • Fiber Optic Probe for Control of Batch Crystallization
    • Heuristic Reasoning in Batch Processing
    • How PC-Based Batch Technologies Can Enhance Conformance with 21 CFR Part 11 in FDA Regulated Industries
    • How S88 Provides Consistency in Design and Terminology beyond Batch Processing
    • Improved Temperature Control in Batch Production Systems
    • Integrated MMI for Batch Process Operation
    • ISA 88 Production and Batch Standards
    • A Methodology for Successful Batch Projects
    • Models and Support for Alarm Operation; Batch vs. Continuous
    • On-Line Optimization of a Batch Reaction - Development and Experimental Demonstration
    • On-line Quality analysis integration in Batch process operations
    • Quest for the Perfect Batch: A Batch Distillation Real-Life Case
    • S88 and Material: What is Going on Beyond the Process Cell?
    • Safety in Batch Production
    • Scheduling in Batch Process Plant Perspective
    • Simulation and Scheduling of Recipe-driven Batch Processes Based on a Single Data Model
    • Source to Destination Path Routing Using Equipment Modules, Dynamic Referencing, and Batch
    • Special Application of S88 Batch Standard Using Atomic Phases
    • The Future of Batch Process Automation
    • Tips and Tricks to Applying S88 Standards to Chemical Plant Batch Systems
    • Validation (GAMP, FDA ...) and S88 standards for batch and recipe management systems
    • General to Master Recipe Transformation, Capturing Best Engineering Practices in Recipe Generation
    • How to Establish a Batch Best Practice
    • Application of S88 Model in the Control of Continuous Distillation Facilities
    • Batch XML Interfacing
    • Applying S88 to "Non-Stop" Production
    • Marrying S88 and S95 – Issues and Opportunities
    • Using BatchML for Migrating Batch Control Logic
    • Integration of Manual Operations in a Batch Automation System
    • Incorporation of ISA-88 and GAMP Software Design Models into an Integrated Commissioning and Validation Strategy Can Reduce Plant Startup Timelines
    • Why Always Make It a MES(S)?
    • Production Capability Schema Documentation
    • Common Schema Documentation
    • Product Definition Schema Documentation
    • Maintenance Schema Documentation
    • Material Schema Documentation
    • Production Performance Schema Documentation
    • Personnel Schema Documentation
    • Process Segment Schema Documentation
    • Production Schedule Schema Documentation
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