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    ISA84 Process Safety Standards and User Resources, Fourth Edition

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    This new CD contains recently published standards, the benchmark ISA84 standards and technical reports, notable technical publications, and related chapters from the book A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge, Second Edition. Also included are six best-selling ISA books.

    This CD contains:


    • Control Systems Safety Evaluation and Reliability, Third Edition by William M. Goble
    • Performance-based Fire and Gas Systems Engineering Handbook by Austin Bryan, Elizabeth Smith, and Kevin Mitchell
    • Safety Instrumented Systems Verification: Practical Probabilistic Calculations by William M. Goble and Harry Cheddie, PE, CFSE
    • Safety Instrumented Systems: Design, Analysis, and Justification, Second Edition by Paul Gruhn, PE, CFSE, and Harry L Cheddie, PE, CFSE
    • Safety Integrity Level Selection: Systematic Methods including Layer of Protection Analysis by Edward M. Marszal, PE, Dr. Eric W. Scharpf, MIPENZ
    • Safety Profiles for Real-Time Ethernet-Based Industrial Automation Networks by Alberto Elia, Luca Ferrarini, and Carlo Veber

    Book Chapters

    From A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge, Second Edition

    • Chapter 20, “Process Safety and Safety Instrumented Systems”
    • Chapter 22, “Safe Use and Application of Electrical Apparatus”


    • ANSI/ISA-TR99.00.01-2007, Security Technologies for Industrial Automation and Control Systems
    • ANSI/ISA-62443-1-1 (99.01.01)-2007, Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems – Part 1: Terminology, Concepts, and Models
    • ANSI/ISA-62443-2-1 (99.02.01)-2009, Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems: Establishing an Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security Program
    • ANSI/ISA-TR62443-2-3-2015, Security for industrial automation and control systems – Part 2-3: Patch management in the IACS environment
    • ANSI/ISA-62443-3-3 (99.03.03)-2013, Security for industrial automation and control systems – Part 3-3: System security requirements and security levels
    • ISA-TR84.00.06-2009, Safety Fieldbus Design Considerations for Process Industry Sector Applications
    • ISA-TR84.00.07-2010, Guidance on the Evaluation of Fire and Gas System Effectiveness
    • ISA-TR84.00.09-2013, Security Countermeasures Related to Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
    • ANSI/ISA-84.91.01-2012, Identification and Mechanical Integrity of Safety Controls, Alarms, and Interlocks in the Process Industry
    • ISA-TR91.00.02-2003, Criticality Classification Guideline for Instrumentation

    Technical Papers

    • Accurate Failure Metrics for Mechanical Instruments
    • An Evaluation of ISA84 for Use in the Design and Licensing of Nuclear Power Plants
    • Automation Infrastructure Upgrades at an Oil Storage Terminal
    • Avoiding Pitfalls in Determining Quantitative Safety Integrity Levels for Batch Processes
    • Best Practices to Improve the Safety and Productivity of Plant Operations

    • Burner Management System Safety Integrity Level Selection
    • Complying to the new IEC 61511 Standard using a Cause and Effects Matrix
    • Control and Safety, Separate Tasks for Integrated Operation
    • Cyber Ready: An Exciting Cyber Security Program Approach
    • Defining Safety Instrumented Functions
    • Fire and Gas (F&G) Design for the Process Industry; Are there Real Dangers behind the Smoke and Mirrors of F&G Detection Mapping?
    • FMEA and the Installed SIS
    • Grandfathering, it's not about being old, it's about being safe.
    • IEC 61511: Overcoming Difficulties in Attaining SIL3 in Shutdown Valve Loops
    • Impact of Partial Valve Stroke Testing on Final Element Assessment
    • Incidents That Define Safe Automation
    • Industry Update: Safety Instrumented Fire & Gas Systems (SI-FGS)
    • Integrating HAZOP and SIL/LOPA Analysis: Best Practice Recommendations
    • Is Proper SIL Determination and SIS PFD all there is to complete the required safety function?
    • Lessons Learned from a Catastrophic Control Valve Failure
    • Measurement Best Practices for Safety Instrumented Systems
    • Permissive Sequencing and ISA 84 -- The Shape of Things to Come
    • PFDavg Calculation Methods - Controversy or Confusion?
    • Problems, Concerns and Possible Solutions for Testing (and Diagnostics Coverage) of Final Control Element of SIF Loops
    • Relating FMEDA reports to SIL verification
    • Safety and Availability, Easier and Simpler SIS Selection
    • Safety Considerations for SCADA/DCS Cyber Attacks
    • "Safety Life Cycle" - Implementation Benefits and Impact on Field Devices
    • Safety-PLC's striking role for Partial Valve Stroke Testing
    • Sensor Considerations in Safety Instrumented System Implementation and Operation
    • Upstream O&G Managers and Controls Designers: Seven Reasons that ISA84 is Significant
    • Single Loop Logic Solvers
    • Safety Instrumented System Design and Implementation: Impacts to the Engineering and Construction Work Process
    • Safety Instrumented System Verification Using Simplified Equations
    • Safety Life-Cycle Management: Evolution of HIPS at Saudi Aramco
    • Using Asset Management Systems in Safety Applications
    • Using a General Purpose (Hot-Standby) PLC in Safety
    • What does Proven in Use Imply?
    • What is the importance of third party certification and SIL rating of SIS elements?
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