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    Manufacturing Execution Systems: An Operations Management Approach

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    By Tom Seubert and Grant Vokey

    This practical guide, developed by industry veterans Grant Vokey and Tom Seubert, provides an operations-focused approach to manufacturing execution systems (MES). The authors present a holistic view of manufacturing operations management (MOM), explaining the interactions of the key elements—MES, ERP (enterprise resource planning), and PLM (product life cycle management)—and how MES contributes to a streamlined process that produces quality products.

    This book discusses the potential for MES to drive real-time, data-driven performance improvement by expanding on the following concepts:
    • How the MES application supports operations planning, analysis, and reporting
    • How MES identifies quality issues and provides the data needed to determine the causes and resolve the problems
    • The full scope of MES planning and implementation, and its impact on manufacturing operations
    • IT concepts related to MES and how they apply to manufacturing operations
    • How MES can be applied to IIoT
    • How MES data can be used for continuous improvement
    This book serves as an excellent resource for manufacturing professionals interested in improving plant floor efficiency, quality, and productivity.

    A Q&A with the Authors

    Tom Seubert

    Grant Vokey

    The authors, explain that their goal is to provide a clear picture of how manufacturing execution systems (MES) work, the benefits of incorporating MES into manufacturing operations management (MOM), and the interaction required between enterprise IT and operations for optimum benefits and performance.Read the full article.

    ISA Press Release

    ISA’s new book by Tom Seubert and Grant Vokey explains how MES can be used to optimize and streamline manufacturing processes (operations). It also addresses incorporating MES into corporate planning and continuous improvement initiatives. Read the full article.

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      Item Details:

      Copyright: 2020
      Length: 200 Pages
      ISBN: 978-1-64331-064-0
      Selected Format: Softcover
      Publisher: International Society of Automation
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