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    Fluid Mechanics of Control Valves: How Valves Control Your Process

    By Dr. Hans D. Baumann, PE

    This up-to-date work on final control elements presents theoretical and practical information in an easy, conversational style, which makes it an excellent reference for experienced instrument and process engineers as well as students who are new to the field.

    The book begins with a basic explanation of the function and purpose of control valves, explaining the various types of valves that are available along with their features and limitations. It also provides:

    • Directions for selecting the best valve for a given service and the right flow characteristics
    • Simplified equations for sizing control valves for liquids and gases under normal and special conditions, such as flashing and laminar flow
    • Directions for minimizing environmental problems, such as noise produced by turbulent or cavitating fluids and aerodynamic noise
    • Solutions to dynamic instability problems
    • Methods for improving control loop stability
    • Discussion on related safety issues such as “fail-safe” action and cybersecurity

    Many reference tables provide information that will be invaluable in valve selection, such as valve materials, temperature ratings, and valve dimensions. Also, for the benefit of international readers, examples and equations are presented in metric as well as U.S. customary terms and measurements.

    Q&A with the author

    Hans D. Baumann
    Hans Baumann

    Hans Baumann, world-renowned expert on control valve technology, talks about the book focus and how changes in control valve technology have brought about new information that will help engineers who design control valves avoid adverse or destructive effects, such as cavitation or excessive sound levels. Read the full article.

    ISA Press Release

    Control valve technology has advanced and Hans Baumann’s new book addresses those advancements by providing up-to-date valve sizing equations and reference tables, methods for improving control loop stability, solutions to dynamic instability problems, and much more. Read the full article.

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      Item Details:

      Copyright: 2019
      Length: 134 Pages
      ISBN: 978-1-64331-004-6
      Selected Format: Paperback, ePub, Kindle
      Publisher: International Society of Automation
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      Product Reviews 4.5 out of 5  ( 2 Reviews)
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      Stephen Boyle Mar 26, 2019 Report Abuse
      A valuable addition to the ISA library, and a good reference for valve users at all levels. Nowadays, too many people think of a control valve as a "commodity," but your book reminds us that there is a lot more involved to...
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      Mr Torry Bailey, BEng Mar 26, 2019 Report Abuse
      This is an up-to-date work on final control elements put in an easy, conversational style, which makes an pleasant read and excellent resource for the experienced instrument professional as well as students. Those new to...
      show more
      1 - 2 of 2