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    Cybersecurity Tech Pack

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    As a widely recognized, world leader in cybersecurity standards development, training, and technical resources, the International Society of Automation (ISA) provides the proven expertise and know-how to help safeguard industrial automation and control systems.

    To help you navigate your way through the potential cybersecurity threats facing you and your plant, the ISA Cybersecurity Tech Pack combines critical industry technical papers and PowerPoint presentations written and presented by world-renowned cybersecurity and automation systems experts.

    The Tech Pack also contains notable ISA technical publications, including the popular Industrial Network Security by David Teumim and ISA’s new title, Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security Principles: Protecting the Criticial Infrastructure: Second Edition by Ronald Krutz. As an added bonus, we have rounded out the Tech Pack with a collection of informative cybersecurity articles from InTech magazine.

    Capitalize on ISA’s leadership in cybersecurity by ordering this compilation of valuable cybersecurity technical papers, publications, and InTech articles—containing the practical insights you can immediately apply in your position and within your workplace.

    The Cybersecurity Tech Pack includes:

    Technical books - 2

    • Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security Principles: Protecting the Criticial Infrastructure: Second Edition
    • Industrial Network Security, Second Edition

    Technical papers - 19

    • Cyber Security Implications of SIS Integration with Control Networks
    • Establishing an Effective Plant Cybersecurity Program
    • Stronger than Firewalls—Strong Cyber Security Protects the Safety of Industrial Sites
    • Applying ISA/IEC 62443 to Control Systems
    • Improving Water and Wastewater SCADA Cybersecurity
    • Practical Nuclear Cybersecurity
    • LOGIIC Benchmarking Process Control Security Standards
    • Integrated Perimeter and Critical Infrastructure Protection with Persistent Awareness
    • Getting Data from a Control System to the Masses While Maintaining Cybersecurity—The Case for “Data Diodes”
    • Reconciling Compliance and Operation with Real Cybersecurity in Nuclear Power Plants
    • Wastewater Plant Process Protection—Process Hazard Analysis
    • Water/Wastewater Plant Process Protection: A Different Approach to SCADA Cybersecurity
    • Using Cybersecurity Evaluation Tool (CSET) for a Wastewater Treatment Plant
    • An Overview of ISA-99 & Cybersecurity for the Water or Wastewater Specialist
    • Cybersecurity Procurement Methodology for Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems
    • Practical Nuclear Cybersecurity
    • Cybersecurity Interoperability—The Lemnos Project
    • Cybersecurity—Are We Progressing Rapidly Enough
    • Cybersecurity in the Nuclear Power Industry

    InTech magazine articles - 21

    • ISA Fully Engaged in Cybersecurity
    • Leveraging DoD wireless security standards for automation and control
    • 13 ways through a firewall: What you don’t know can hurt you
    • Defense in Depth
    • Executive Corner: What’s on your mind?
    • The Final Say: Securing industrial control systems
    • Uninterruptible power supplies and cybersecurity
    • Physical Security 101: Evolving ‘defense in depth'
    • Web Exclusive: Control network secure connectivity simplified
    • The Final Say: Network security in the Automation world
    • Cybersecurity Enhancement Act
    • Managing industrial control system cybersecurity
    • Ramsey: The industrial sector: An environment uniquely vulnerable to cyberattacks
    • Top ten differences between ICS and IT cybersecurity
    • Standards Update: IACS cybersecurity
    • Cybersecurity—Time for action
    • The NIST cybersecurity framework
    • ISA introduces cybersecurity certificate program
    • Urgent need for automation systems cyberprotection
    • Water and wastewater industry cyberattacks increasing
    • Technology convergence presents evolving workforce development challenges in combating cyberthreats
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    Cybersecurity Tech Pack: A collection of documents and presentations designed to help you protect industrial automation and control systems from cyber threats.

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