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    A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge, Third Edition

    Edited by:
    Nicholas P. Sands, PE, CAP, ISA Fellow
    Ian Verhappen, P Eng, CAP, ISA Fellow

    This book is a key resource for anyone who is studying for the ISA Certified Automation Professional® (CAP®), ISA Certified Control Systems Technician® (CCST®), and/or Control Systems Engineer (CSE) exams. Edited by Nick Sands and Ian Verhappen and written by 38 leading experts from all aspects of automation, it provides a comprehensive

    overview of the most important automation concepts and processes, while also describing the technical skills required to implement them in today's industrial environment. This edition provides comprehensive information about all major topics in the broad field of automation including:

    • Process and analytical instrumentation
    • Continuous and batch control
    • Control valves and final control elements
    • Basic discrete, sequencing, and manufacturing control
    • Advanced control
    • Digital and analog communications
    • Data management and system software
    • Networking and security
    • Safety and reliability
    • System checkout, testing, startup, and troubleshooting
    • Project management

    Whether you are an engineer, manager, control systems integrator, student, or educator, you will turn to this book again and again as the ultimate source on what is encompassed by automation.

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    Electrical Installations   Greg Lehmann, CAP     $25 USD
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        27   Cybersecurity   Eric C. Cosman     $25 USD
        39   Project Management and Execution   Michael D. Whitt     $25 USD

    Q&A with the authors

    Nicholas P. Sands
    Nicholas P. Sands, P.E., CAP®

    Ian Verhappen
    Ian Verhappen, P.E., CAP®

    Editors Nick Sands and Ian Verhappen discuss the objectives of his book and the value it brings to automation professionals as a general reference and to those who are studying for the Certified Automation Professional® (CAP®) exam. Read the full article.

    ISA Press Release

    The third edition of ISA’s best-selling A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge is a practical overview of the key elements of the field of automation. It contains the combined knowledge of 38 experts in various aspects of automation, with each individual sharing insights gained from their experience in their field of expertise. It is a valuable resource to those new to the field and those who are currently in the workforce. Read the full article.

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      Item Details:

      Copyright: 2018
      Length: 680 Pages
      ISBN: 978-1-941546-91-8
      Selected Format: Hardcover
      Publisher: International Society of Automation

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