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    Nick Sands tells about detecting an acid leak in a sump using various alarms. Which worked best, and what caused the leak?

    Featured Titles

    Detecting Leaks in PipelinesDetecting Leaks in Pipelines

    By Edward J. Farmer, PE

    This book provides useful perspective and understanding of the capabilities and limitations of leak detection technology for industry executives, regulators, safety and technology managers, and operations managers. … more

    Applying FOUNDATION Fieldbus

    By B.R. Mehta and Y.J. Reddy

    A comprehensive and practical guide to the theory, engineering, and implementation of FOUNDATION Fieldbus in process control systems, this book. more

    Industrial Data Communications - thumbnailIndustrial Data Communications, Fifth Edition

    By Lawrence (Larry) M. Thompson

    As automation becomes more thoroughly networked with advances in speed, connectivity, and security; this fifth edition of an ISA best seller is still designed to give technical professionals with little or no background in data communications the knowledge ...more 

    Industrial Ethernet 3rd editionIndustrial Ethernet, Third Edition

    By Perry S. Marshall and John S. Rinaldi

    This is the go-to guidebook for people who need to fully understand factory floor Ethernet and for those who need to have a basic understanding... more

    Industrial Automation and Control 2nd edition Industrial Automation and Control System Security Principles, Second Edition

    By Ronald L. Krutz, PhD, PE

    The use of cyber warfare as a prelude or substitute for conventional attacks has gone from conjecture to reality.  The obvious targets of such assaults are a nation’s defense establishment, critical.… more

    Measurement Uncertainty, Fifth EditionMeasurement Uncertainty, Fifth Edition

    By Ronald H. Dieck

    An entire course, as well as an excellent desk reference, this edition presents students and professionals in engineering and science with a comprehensive tutorial of measurement uncertainty methods in a logically categorized… more

    Driving Business Value in Industrial InnovationDriving Business Value in Industrial Innovation: Disciplined Agility for Manufacturing Automation

    By Augustine Tibazarwa

    This is a guide for executives, innovators, and consulting professionals at the forefront of industrial innovation to unlock business value...   more

    The Value of Automation: The Best Investment an Industrial Company Can Make

    By Peter G. Martin, Ph.D.

    Industrial automation systems have the potential to be one of the most value-generating vehicles available to industrial companies. Unfortunately, not all managers… more