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    Peter Martin describes four barriers to realizing the true value of automation and a process for identifying the benefits and bottom line value of automation and control.

    Featured Titles

    Automation Network Selection: A Reference Manual, Third EditionAutomation Network Selection: A Reference Manual, Third Edition

    By Dick Caro

    Automation networks have changed since this book was first published in 2003. In 13 years, some promised network standards have become reality, wireless networks have proliferated, and two international standards have… more

    Applying FOUNDATION Fieldbus

    By B.R. Mehta and Y.J. Reddy

    A comprehensive and practical guide to the theory, engineering, and implementation of FOUNDATION Fieldbus in process control systems, this book… more

    Industrial Data Communications - thumbnailIndustrial Data Communications, 5th Edition

    By Lawrence (Larry) M. Thompson

    As automation becomes more thoroughly networked with advances in speed, connectivity, and security; this fifth edition of an ISA best seller is still designed to give technical professionals with little or no background in data communications the knowledge ...more

    Performance-based Fire and Gas Systems Engineering Handbook

    By Austin Bryan, Elizabeth Smith, and Kevin Mitchell

    With the release of the ISA-TR84.00.07 technical report on performance-based design of fire and gas detection systems for process industries, risk-based techniques for detector placement have become prevalent... more

    The Tao of Measurement: A Philosophical View of Flow and Sensors

    By Jesse Yoder and Dick Morley

    This book deals with the past, present, and future of flow, sensors, and measurement. It is called The Tao of Measurement because, like the Tao itself, it reveals the underlying principles of flow and measurement.… more

    Advances in Reactor Measurement and Control

    By Gregory K. McMillan

    Written from a practical perspective, this book underscores how control system design can address the different process responses and fundamental characteristics of… more

    Good Tuning: A Pocket Guide, 4th EdGood Tuning: A Pocket Guide, Fourth Edition

    By Gregory K. McMillan

    Every practicing instrument, process control and process engineer will want to have this practical and to-the-point pocket guide on good tuning. more

    The Value of Automation: The Best Investment an Industrial Company Can Make

    By Peter G. Martin, Ph.D.

    Industrial automation systems have the potential to be one of the most value-generating vehicles available to industrial companies. Unfortunately, not all managers… more