March/April 2013
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Standards update: New ISA standards and upcoming safety and wireless meetings

A new draft standard has been developed by - and circulated for review within - ISA75.27, Cryogenic Control Valve Seat Leakage Test Standard. The subcommittee is developing a standard for production seat leakage testing of cryogenic control valves. The document is intended to describe various seat leakage specifications and establish optional cryogenic seat leakage classes and test procedures for adoption in the process control industry.

In addition, two ISA standards have been approved recently by the American National Standards Institute:

  • ANSI/ISA-96.03.03, Guidelines for the Specification of Pneumatic Vane Type Valve Actuators: This standard provides general requirements for the development of specifications for pneumatic vane type actuators. It applies to actuators with a maximum allowable operating pressure up to 150 psig with a compressed gas (i.e., plant or instrument air).
  • ANSI/ISA-77.44.01, Fossil Fuel Power Plant - Steam Temperature Controls: This 2007 standard was reviewed and reaffirmed by ISA77, Fossil Power Plant Standard. The standard establishes the minimum requirements for the functional design specification of steam temperature control systems for drum type and once-through type fossil fuel power plant boilers. The scope of the standard addresses the major steam temperature control subsystems in boilers with steaming capacities of 200,000 lb/hr (25 kg/s) or greater. These subsystems include, but are not limited to, superheat temperature control and reheat temperature control. (Specifically excluded from consideration are controls associated with fluidized-bed, stoker-fired furnace combustion units and mud drum desuperheaters.)

For information about viewing or obtaining these standards, visit, select "96" or "77" from the first drop-down list, and scroll down.

Safety and wireless standards meetings at ISA division symposia

Key ISA standards meetings will be held in the coming months in conjunction with ISA division symposia, starting with the ISA Analysis Division Symposium in Galveston, Tex. ( On 14 April, 2013, ISA76, Composition Analyzers, will hold a short meeting starting at 5 p.m. That meeting will be followed on 15-17 April by meetings of ISA84, Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Systems (E/E/PES) for Use in Process Safety Applications, and several of its working groups.

The latter includes a full day meeting on 16 April of ISA84 Working Group 8, Wireless for Safety. As the process sector has begun using wireless communication and devices in monitoring applications, the benefits of wireless technology are being reviewed for applications in instrumented safety systems and safety instrumented systems. While the use of wireless technologies may have advantages, there are also important considerations in ensuring safe and reliable operation. For these reasons, the working group is developing a technical report to provide guidance to users who are considering applying wireless technologies for use in instrumented safety systems and safety instrumented systems.

Also meeting during the symposium will be ISA84 Working Group 9, Security in Safety, which is developing a technical report to provide guidance regarding countermeasures used to reduce the likelihood of security threats to safety instrumentation systems. The underlying premise is that the means to implement, operate, and maintain system security should not compromise the performance of the safety instrumented systems. To this end, safety instrumented systems installations should be designed and maintained using the foundational requirements found in ANSI/ISA-84.00.01-1984 and the ANSI/ISA-62443 (ISA99) series. This technical report is predicated on the assumption that the requirements and recommendations specified in the latter have been implemented by the user. Working Group 9 will meet during the afternoon of 17 April 2013.

ISA100, Wireless Systems for Automation, is planning meetings for 20-21 May in Washington, D.C., in conjunction with the ISA Communications Division Symposium ( In addition to a main committee meeting, three ISA100 working groups will hold meetings: Working Group 19, Wireless for Nuclear, during the afternoon of 20 May; Working Group 14, Trustworthy Wireless, during the morning of 21 May; and Working Group 20, Common Network Management, all day on 21 May. The latter, ISA100's newest working group, is working on a common network management (CNM) framework to monitor and provide actionable information to various and disparate wireless networks commonly found in wireless network environments for industrial automation and control systems. The CNM framework will be scalable to address various network sizes and device populations and extensible to adapt to changing technologies, applications, and user requirements.

For information about ISA Standards, visit, or contact Charley Robinson,