ISA2, Manometer Tables

ISA5, Documentation of Measurement. and Control Instruments and Systems

ISA5.1, Instrumentation Symbols and Identification

ISA5.2, Binary Control Logic Diagrams for Process Operations

ISA5.4, Instrument Loop Diagrams

ISA5.5, Graphic Symbols for Process Displays

ISA5.6, Software Documentation for Control Systems

ISA5.7, Development and Use of Process Flow Diagrams and Piping and Instrument Diagrams

ISA5.8, Measurement & Control Terminology Review Subcommittee

ISA7, Instrument Air Standards Committee

ISA12, Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Locations

ISA12.0, General Requirements for Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Locations

ISA12.1, Reference Committee on Hazardous Locations

ISA12.10, Area Classification in Hazardous Dust Locations

ISA12.12, Apparatus for Division 2 Hazardous Locations

ISA12.13, Performance Requirements for Combustible Gas Detectors

ISA12.16, Increased Safety for Zone 1, Hazardous Locations

ISA12.2, Intrinsic Safety

ISA12.20, Electrical Ignition Systems for Internal Combustion Engines in Hazardous Areas

ISA12.21, Optically radiating equipment and fiber optics in hazardous locations

ISA12.22, Explosionproof and Flameproof Enclosures

ISA12.23, Encapsulation

ISA12.24, Classification of Hazardous Locations for the Installation of Electrical Equipment

ISA12.25, Powder Filling

ISA12.26, Oil Immersion

ISA12.27, Process Seals

ISA12.28, Mining Working Group

ISA12.29, Equipment Protection Levels (EPL) Working Group

ISA12.4, Instrument Purging for Reduction of Hazardous Area Classification

ISA12.CAG, SP12 Chairman's Advisory Group

ISA18, Instrument Signals and Alarms

ISA20, Instrument Specification Forms

ISA37, Measurement Transducers

ISA42, Nomenclature for Instrument Tube Fittings

ISA50, Signal Compatibility of Electrical Instruments

ISA50.1, Introduction Subcommittee

ISA50.2, Physical Layer Subcommittee

ISA50.3, Data Link Subcommittee

ISA50.4, Application Subcommittee

ISA50.5, Application Layer Stack

ISA50.6, System and Network Management

ISA52, Environments for Standards Laboratories

ISA60, Control Centers

ISATAG65, U. S. Technical Advisory Group (USTAG) for IEC SC65, Industrial-Process Measurement, Control, and Automation

ISATAG65A, U. S. Technical Advisory Group (USTAG) for IEC SC65A, System Aspects

ISATAG65B, U. S. Technical Advisory Group (USTAG) for IEC SC65B, Measurement and Control Devices

ISATAG65C, U. S. Technical Advisory Group (USTAG) for IEC SC65C, Industrial Networks

ISATAG65E, U. S. Technical Advisory Group (USTAG) for IEC SC65E, Devices and integration in Enterprise Systems

ISA67, Nuclear Power Plant Standards

ISA67.01, Transducer and Transmitter Installation for Nuclear Safety Applications

ISA67.02, Instrument Sensing Line Piping and Tubing Standards for Use in Nuclear Power Plants

ISA67.03, Reactor Coolant-Pressure-Boundary Leak Detection

ISA67.04, Setpoints for Safety-Related Instrumentation Used in Nuclear Power Plants

ISA67.06, Performance Monitoring for Nuclear Safety-Related Instrument Channels in Nuclear Power Plants

ISA67.14, Qualification and Certification of Instrument and Control Technicians in Nuclear Power Plants

ISA71, Environmental Conditions for Process Measurement and Control

ISA74, Continuous Weighing Instrumentation

ISA75, Control Valve Standards

ISA75.01, Control Valve Sizing Equations

ISA75.02, Control Valve Capacity Test Procedures

ISA75.04, Control Valve Stability

ISA75.05, Control Valve Terminology

ISA75.07, Control Valve Noise Measurement and Prediction

ISA75.08, Control Valve Face-to-Face Dimensions

ISA75.10, Flexible Clamp or Pinch Valves

ISA75.11, Control Valve Flow Characteristics and Rangeability

ISA75.13, Valve Positioner Performance

ISA75.14, Control Valve Data Sheets

ISA75.16, Control Valve Cavitation

ISA75.19, Hydrostatic Testing of Control Valves

ISA75.23, Control Valve Cavitation

ISA75.24, Control Valve Actuator Sizing and Selection

ISA75.25, Control Valve Dynamic Testing

ISA75.26, Valve Diagnostic Testing

ISA75.27, Cryogenic Control Valve Seat Leakage Test Standard

ISA76, Composition Analyzers

ISA77, Fossil Power Plant Standards

ISA77.13, Turbine Steam By-Pass Systems

ISA77.14, Steam Turbine Controls

ISA77.20, Fossil Simulators Functional Requirements

ISA77.22, Power Plant Automation

ISA77.30, Dynamic Performance of Power Plant Control Systems

ISA77.40, Fossil Fuel Power Plant Functional Diagram Usage

ISA77.41, Combustion Controls

ISA77.42, Feedwater Control

ISA77.43, Unit/Plant Demand Development

ISA77.44, Steam Temperature Controls

ISA77.60, Human-Machine Interface

ISA77.70, Fossil Fuel Power Plant Instrument Piping Installation

ISA77.82, Fossil Fuel Power - SCR Control Systems

ISA82, Electrical and Electronic Instrumentation

ISA84, Instrumented Systems to Achieve Functional Safety in the Process Industries

ISA88, Batch Control Systems

ISA90, Instrumentation and Computer Grounding

ISA91, Criticality Ranking for Instrumentation

ISA92, Performance Requirements for Industrial Air Measurement Instrumentation Related to Health and Safety

ISA93, Sealing Technologies Committee

ISA95, Enterprise/Control Integration Committee

ISA96, Valve Actuator Committee

ISA96.01, Terminology for Actuators

ISA96.02, Electric Actuators

ISA96.03, Pneumatic Actuators

ISA96.04, Hydraulic Actuators

ISA96.05, Partial Stroke Testing for Valve Actuators

ISA96.06, Electro-Hydraulic Actuators

ISA97, In-Line Sensors Committee

ISA98, Personnel Certification Standards Committee

ISA98.01, Qualifications and Certification of Control Systems Technicians

ISA99, Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security

ISA100, Wireless Systems for Automation

ISA101, Human-Machine Interface

ISA102, High-Power Research & Development Electrical Systems Standards

ISA103, Field Device Tool Interface

ISA104, Device Integration

ISA105, Commissioning, Loop Checks, and Factory & Site Acceptance/Integration Tests for Industrial Automation Systems

ISA106, Procedure Automation for Continuous Process Operations

ISA107, Advanced Measurement Techniques for Gas Turbine Engines

ISA107.1, Tip Timing

ISA107.2, Thermographic Phosphor

ISA107.3, Tip Clearance

ISA107.4, Wireless Standards for Turbine Engine Test Stands

ISA107.5, Dynamic Pressure Standards for Turbine Engine Testing

ISA108, Intelligent Device Management

ISA108, SCADA Systems