How-to and Career Videos

Automation War Story: Detecting an Acid Leak in a Sump

Nick Sands tells about detecting an acid leak in a sump using various alarms. Which worked best, and what caused the leak?

How to Join an ISA Standards Committee

Nick Sands, 2015-2016 vice president of the ISA Standards and Practices Department, explains how to join an ISA standards committee.

Automation War Story: Feedforward Control

Dale Reed explains how feedforward control works in a wastewater treatment process.

Automation War Story: Controlling PH

John Scharosch tells about solving a 2-year mystery at a food industry plant where the PH levels in the discharge water were consistently too high.

Career Opportunities: Surviving a Layoff

Charlie Souza, 2015 vice president of the ISA Houston Section, talks about how being an ISA member helped him to find a new job after he was laid off.

Oportunidades de carreira: Sobreviver a uma dispensa

Charlie Souza, vice presidente da seção de Houston da ISA para 2015, fala como sendo um membro ativo da ISA o ajudou a encontrar emprego após uma demissão.

FIRST® reveals medieval theme for its 2016 robotics competition game

In 2016, more than 3,000 teams comprised of 78,000+ students from around the world will compete for glory in FIRST STRONGHOLDSM. In just six weeks, they will build, program and test robots with the guidance of adult Mentors. Watch this creative teaser on FIRST’s medieval theme. More information is available at

Batch Processes—Unique Challenges and Opportunities

Batch processes pose unique challenges and opportunities. Proper understanding of the difficulties faced and the new technologies and techniques offered can lead to solutions by better automation and control that offer much greater increases in efficiency and capacity than usually obtained for continuous process.

This presentation by ISA Fellow Greg McMillan starts with a discussion that gives expansive and deep insight not offered in the literature as to why batch processes are so difficult. The presentation then goes into how to analyze batch data, elevate the role of the operator, tune key control loops, and set up simple control strategies to optimize batch operations. The presentation concludes with an extensive list of best practices.

Automation War Stories: Lessons learned from the field

Listen to ISA members Greg Lehmann, technical manager for AECom Technology Corp., Denver, CO, and Jim Garrison, senior specialist, aeSolutions, Greenville, SC, share their real-life experiences and the lessons learned at a gas pipeline compressor station and in a biofuels feedstock plant, respectively.

Don Bossi, President of FIRST, talks about the strategic alliance with the Automation Federation and ISA.

FIRST, the Automation Federation, and ISA are working together to inspire a whole generation of kids in STEM (for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to become the next science technology leaders and innovators.

What Is Automation?

Cleveland Community College explains what automation is all about.

Section Leadership

How to Access ISA Section Rosters