• Other Technical Resources

    In addition to ISA's books and standards, we also offer dozens of other technical resources that can help professionals stay up to date on the latest trends and developments across many different industries.

    The ISA Directory of Automation is the go-to resource for finding vendors and suppliers to fit your automation needs -- it's a virtual who's who of automation providers, and it's accessible online at no charge. ISA's collection of more than 5,500 technical papers, collected from ISA's renowned events over dozens of years, provides a wealth of information and perspectives from individual presenters and subject matter experts hailing from every country around the world. The technical papers collection is free for ISA members and provided at a modest price per paper for non members. ISA Transactions, our technical journal, is lauded as the finest journal in the world of automation, covering the science behind measurement, control, and automation trends and techniques. ISA also offers software products for professionals and an automation blogs listing to help you keep up with voices in industry. Finally, ISA has a compilation of videos to expand your understanding of a wide range of topics.

    So, go ahead and explore:

    1. ISA Directory of Automation
    2. Technical Papers
    3. ISA Transactions
    4. Software
    5. Automation Blogs
    6. ISA Video LIbrary