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Expand your knowledge by adding these valuable resources to your library. The ISA Safety Series currently includes six books covering the most important safety topics for today's automation and control systems technician.

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The ISA Safety Series includes these books:

Performance-based Fire and Gas Systems Engineering Handbook

Austin Bryan, Elizabeth Smith, and Kevin Mitchell


Control Systems Safety Evaluation and Reliability, Third Edition

William M. Goble 


Safety Instrumented Systems: A Life-Cycle Approach

By Paul Gruhn, PE, CFSE, and Simon Lucchini, CFSE, MIEAust, CPEng


Safety Instrumented System Design: Techniques and Design Verification​

By Iwan van Beurden, CFSE, and William M. Goble, CFSE

Safety Integrity Level Selection -- Systematic Methods Including Layer of Protection Analysis

Edward M. Marszal, P.E., Dr. Eric W. Scharpf, MIPENZ 


Safety Profiles for Real-Time Ethernet-Based Industrial Automation Networks

Alberto Elia, Luca Ferrarini, and Carlo Veber