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Basic and Advanced Regulatory Control: System Design and Application, Third Edition

This intermediate-level book explains the application of basic and advanced regulatory control strategies for the wet process industries ...more  

Calibration: A Technician's Guide

This comprehensive review of calibration provides an excellent foundation for understanding principles and applications of the most frequently performed tasks of a technician ...more  

Control Systems Engineering Exam Reference Manual: A Practical Study Guide for the NCEES Professional Engineering (PE) Licensing Examination Fourth Edition

Review essential topics in process control systems with the Control Systems Engineering Exam Reference Manual: A Practical Study Guide, now in its fourth edition. ...more  

Fundamentals of Process Control Theory, Third Edition

ISA's all-time best-selling book comes with a fully indexed and searchable CD-ROM, making it easier than ever to teach yourself the complexities of process control theory. ...more  

Future Energy: Opportunities and Challenges

America and the world face daunting questions about how we produce energy and how we use it. Conservation and improved energy efficiency can help in reducing energy requirement ...more  

A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge, Third Edition

A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge, Third Edition, has been updated and additional topics added covering custom software, control equipment structure, and continuous ...more  

Industrial Automation and Control System Security Principles: Protecting the Critical Infrastructure, Second Edition

This text develops a novel approach to securing industrial automation and control systems by generating protection principles through merging and adapting the best industrial and governmental standards and practices ...more  

Industrial Data Communications, Fifth Edition

As automation becomes more thoroughly networked with advances in speed, connectivity, and security; this fifth edition of an ISA best seller is still designed to give technical professionals with little or no background in data communications the knowledge ...more  

Industrial Network Security, Second Edition

This easy-to-read book introduces managers, engineers, technicians, and operators to methods for keeping our industrial networks secure amid rising threats from hackers, disgruntled employees, and even cyber terrorists ...more  

Manufacturing Execution Systems: An Operations Management Approach

This practical guide presents a holistic view of manufacturing operations management (MOM) and explains how MES contributes to a streamlined process that produces quality products ...more  

Measurement and Control Basics, Fifth Edition

Ideal for classroom use or self-study, this newly updated best-selling book has provided thousands of students, technicians, engineers, and sales people with a practical introduction to the principles ...more  

Mission Critical Operations Primer

This book is book is an excellent reference and learning tool for students in entry-level programs and those beginning their careers in mission critical operations ...more  

Preventive Maintenance, Third Edition

This third edition of a best-selling classic shows how the investment in a preventive maintenance program repays a company in longer equipment life, smoother operation, planning ...more  

Safety Instrumented Systems: A Life-Cycle Approach

Understanding the safety life cycle as outlined in ISA/IEC 61511 isn’t enough to implement a safety system. You also need to know how to ...more  

SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Fourth Edition

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) technology has evolved over the past 30 years as a method of monitoring and controlling large processes. This reference book ...more  

Security PHA Review for Consequence-Based Cybersecurity

Over the past few decades, the process industry has replaced mechanical safeguards with networked microprocessor-based devices that can be configured ...more  

Situation Management for Process Control: Situation Awareness and Decision Making for Operators in Industrial Control Rooms and Operation Centers

Operators must be able to monitor what is in their charge, to understand the information presented, and to plan and ...more  

Start-Up: A Technician’s Guide, Third Edition

When new plants or systems go online, Control Systems Technicians face special challenges. The start-up you are involved with may be a newly built, substantially changed, or ...more  

Troubleshooting: A Technician's Guide, Second Edition

Troubleshooting loops and systems is something all technicians must do, but that few truly master. This edition draws on the author's long experience as an instrument and electrical ...more  

Wireless Networks for Industrial Automation, Fourth Edition

As commercial and residential networks rapidly go the wireless route, will industrial networks soon follow? This fourth edition includes the increasingly popular wireless application ...more