ISA recently published the third edition of Industrial Ethernet: How to Plan, Install, and Maintain TCP/IP Ethernet Networks by John S. Rinaldi and Perry S. Marshall. 

In this Q&A feature, Rinaldi highlights the importance of the book’s new and enhanced content.

Note: A brief author biography is included at the bottom of this page.

Q. Why were you compelled to publish an updated edition? 

A. There have been a vast number of changes since the previous revision. Industrial automation is changing faster than ever. There are new networking technologies, new hardware platforms, new software standards, and new organizations. Many control engineers now work in the IT department. It’s not trite to say that EVERYTHING has changed.

Not only do users have more technology options and more available products to choose from, they now have vastly new and difficult-to-achieve requirements from their management, their sales teams, and their customers. With the growing number of retirements among Baby Boomers, professionals that possess much of the institutional knowledge, the landscape is more challenging than ever.

Q. Could you tell me what makes this third edition different or more useful than the second edition? What areas have been expanded or improved?

A. The latest edition discusses Ethernet Ring, daisy-chaining Ethernet devices, synchronizing devices over Ethernet, Ethernet security and the hot topic in automation—implementing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Many automation companies are planning to connect their processes to industrial cloud platforms. The book describes why this is occurring and outlines the differences between the cloud offerings from Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon.

Q. How does this new information enhance the value of the book? What makes it an even more valuable reference source?

A. Control engineers have so many new ways to architect industrial automation systems. There are so many new requirements and so many new technologies to apply to those requirements. This book is a first step in understanding what these technologies are and how to use them.

Q. What specific sections/aspects of the book do you feel are the MOST compelling to highlight in the press release? Could you list them with a brief description?

A. The new subject areas and topics of particular importance in the updated edition include:

  • EtherNet/IP – The book provides a detailed overview of EtherNet/IP, one of the most important technologies used in automation in the US. 
  • ProfiNet IO – The book furnishes a detailed overview of ProfiNet IO, one of the most important technologies used in automation in Europe.
  • IIoT – The book delivers an introduction to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and what it means to the industrial automation industry.
  • Security – Security is one of the most critical topics in automation today. Though it is impossible to provide detailed information on such a broad topic in a single chapter, the book provides an introduction to the subject, and ensures that readers are familiar with the essential concepts in industrial network security.



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