• June 2017

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    HMI Remote-Monitoring Trends

    HMI Remote-Monitoring Trends

       By Greg Philbrook    

    Modern human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and networking technologies are making secure remote access to the plant floor even easier, but an effective deployment depends on understanding how it all works and making appropriate choices at the outset. Read more

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    Inside ISA

    ISA Section Spotlight

    ISA Edmonton Section Pilots New Robotics Program

    Keen on building and educating the automation and control workforce of the future, the ISA Edmonton Section has recently secured funding for a new robotics program for elementary-school-age children. The pilot program starts with an elementary school in Alberta, Canada, where they are integrating programming and robotics into the core curriculum. Read more

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    Automation War Stories--Lessons Learned from the Field 

    Lessons from the Field

    Sleuthing 101 – Who You Gonna Call?

    By John Scharosch and Ian Verhappen

    Solving a process control issue can be simple. Put on your cap, grab your magnifying glass and follow the clues. Sometimes, however, the clues don’t add up and you need to know where to go to get the answers. John Scharosch and Ian Verhappen discuss this key element to solving mysteries in the field. See the videos


    OPC UA and IEC 61131-3

    By Gary L. Pratt, PE, and Timothy L. Triplett, PE

    OPC UA and IEC 61131-3 standards, along with OPC UA servers embedded in industrial controllers, provide an unprecedented level of integration between the controller and human-machine interface (HMI). Discover how to leverage best-in-class hardware and software to create larger, more scalable, reliable, maintainable, and secure control systems. Read more

    Test Your Knowledge! ISA Certification Review

    CCST Quiz

    Using a Type J thermocouple ranged from -105ºC to +250ºC, if the reference junction temperature is at 0ºC, what happens to the voltage at the thermocouple terminals when the temperature drops from +25 ºC to -25ºC?

    A. The polarity will reverse, and voltage will become more positive.

    B. The polarity will reverse, and voltage will become more negative. 

    C. The polarity will remain the same, and voltage will become more positive.

    D. The polarity will remain the same, and voltage will become more negative. 

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    CAP Quiz

    Too many alarms configured for a given event have generated excessive, unnecessary, and confusing alarm events. What steps should be taken to correct this situation?

    A. monitoring, rationalization, and surveying techniques 

    B. monitoring and advanced alarming techniques 

    C. rationalization and advanced alarming techniques 

    D. monitoring, rationalization, and advanced alarming techniques

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    Satellite Networks Are the Future of SCADA and Some IoT

    By Curt Jensen

    Once upon a time, satellite networks were the go-to communication choice for remote data monitoring needs but then new, wireless cell data network technology started to corner the market bringing with it shiny, new devices. With any new technology, however, comes rapid change and, in this case, increased market demand for more data, bringing with it higher costs and services. What is the latest technological shift, and what role does satellite networks play in the future of remote data monitoring? Read more

    CAP Quiz

    Mobile apps are handy tools when you’re on the go. We have compiled a list of apps that are recommended by our members as being time- and effort-saving resources for automation professionals. Included in the list are engineering calculators and apps for reviewing AutoCAD drawings, as well as apps for specialized tasks, such as heat transfer calculation and decoding a Rockwell programmable logic controller (PLC) status light meaning. Click here for cool tools