Name *: SI23 pyrometer
Description *: 
With laser sighting, the Sirius SI23 pyrometer has high-resolution fixed-focus optics with small spot size, digital RS232 or RS485 communication interfaces, analog 4–20 mA output, and 5 ms response speed. Optical and electronic parts are enclosed in a stainless-steel housing. Using a short wavelength spectral response of 2 to 2.6 u, the SI23 is suitable for induction heating, steel and metal heat treat processes, kilns, vacuum furnaces, research and development applications, and welding and composite temperatures above 50°C. As standard, the SI23 is offered with PSCWin software for recording, analysis, and adjustment of all pyrometer parameters. Accessories include a water-cooling jacket, air purge, scanning mirror, adjustable mounting bracket, and swivel-base mount.
Date Submitted*:  2014-02-06
Image*:  S123 pyrometer