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Remote access

WebPort is a complete remote access solution that has end-to-end connectivity, data access, and event notification. It couples the WebPort hardware with the WebPort Connects cloud-based service to provide users with a global virtual private network (VPN) without the cost of building and maintaining their own VPN infrastructures. WebPort has remote programming, diagnostics, reporting, alarming, definable user roles, cloud storage, and data logging. The WebPort hardware is available in both an Ethernet and cellular module. Both units are equipped with an embedded user interface that offers simplicity and functionality. With everything two clicks away, WebPort allows you to have an intuitive workflow with no need for added software or scripting. It has online context-sensitive help for extra assistance. The cloud-based service enables you to have global access to your data, wherever you are, with the help of a global VPN. You can visualize your data the way you want to see it with customized HTML5 interactive charts and graphs.

Date Submitted*:  2013-08-01
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