Name *: Promag L 400 Flowmeter
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Promag L 400 Flowmeter

The Proline Promag L 400 electromagnetic flowmeter is for water and wastewater applications. It has an Ethernet port and built-in web server for easy data access and configuration via any web browser. The industry optimized L sensor has drinking water approvals and corrosion protection that allows it to be installed underwater, underground, and in saline environments. Sensors are available in nominal diameters from 2 to 90 in. 
With the integrated web server, the Promag L 400 can be accessed via a standard web browser. This allows engineers and maintenance technicians to configure all device functions without any special software; to upload and download configuration date for backup or copying to identical meters; and to access device, diagnostic and process information. The Promag L 400 also has KTW/W270, ACS, NSF 61, and WRAS BS 6920 drinking water approvals, as well as custody transfer approvals to MI-001 and OIML R49 watermeter standards. Accuracy is 0.2% of range. Each device is tested on accredited and traceable calibration rigs. Seamless integration into existing control systems is assured via HART, Profibus DP and EtherNet/IP (in preparation).
Date Submitted*:  2012-10-03
Image*:  Promag L 400 Flowmeter